“Wake up to your favorite tunes, and see the current weather conditions before you even leave your bed.”

That’s what developer Thomas Huntington had in mind when he created Nightstand.


Although the iPhone and iPod Touch already have a built in alarm clock, it provides only “bare bones” functionality. Nightstand, on the other hand does everything from help you fall asleep with your favorite music or a relaxing sound to changing the Apps wallpaper, based on the time interval and images you select. Currently Nightstand will wake you up with one of 10 built in alarms or a song/playlist you choose, with support for audio books and podcast coming soon. The App even provides a clever way to adjust the brightness of the screen without having to fumble through the settings. All you need to do is slide your finger up or down to change the brightness.

Need some light quickly while you’re laying in bed? Grab your iPhone (with Nightstand already running of course) and give it a shake.

Wow it’s magic! With another shake, poof it’s off again.

Add music from your music library.

All the options you would expect to see in an alarm clock*App are here.