Hitting the markets in January 2006, I-nique based in the UK specializes in products designed for cameras and mp3 products. They have a huge line of accessories for nearly every mobile device you can think of and then multiple designs for each device. I-nique is confident about their craftsmanship and durability offering a lifetime guarantee for all cases they make.

The first case we're going to check out from I-nique is their E-volve Reversible Neoprene Sleeve Liquid Design for 13" laptops. As the name says it's created from 4mm thick neoprene to provide some shock protection. It isn't open ended and entirely covers 13" laptops with no surfaces exposed. A feature of the sleeve is the ability to change the outside look a bit because it's reversible. The sleeve is a combination of black and grey so when you reverse it the overall look doesn't change very much.

I started out checking fit of the sleeve. To put a laptop in first you fold back the top portion of the sleeve revealing an opening to slide in the laptop. Slide the laptop in and then fold the top back over fully protecting all of the laptop's surfaces. This is possible due to the elastic properties of the neoprene. The elasticity allows the sleeve to be easily used while remaining form fitting. I think the use of elastic neoprene with a sleeve is an excellent idea. Because of the versatility of the material you can fit a variety of different sized 13" Macbooks with out issue. The Macbook and 13" Macbook Pro fit in nice and securely. The 13" Macbook Air has a bit more room to play since there are no zippers or any other parts of the sleeve that could damage a laptop there are no issues.

The design on the sleeve is a "liquidish" sort of tribal symbol. It looks neat and is a bit understated but I'm not sure it's as durable as the rest of the sleeve. While all the neoprene main panels will undoubtedly hold up well against daily use the design seems to be silkscreened on to the neoprene and might flake and peel off after a lot of use. If that happened the integrity of the sleeve and its protection abilities wouldn't diminish but the aesthetics would suffer.

There isn't really anything I can find wrong with the E-volve Reversible Neoprene Sleeve. It's easy to use, fits various sized 13" laptops well, and provides a good amount of protection against small shocks along with total protection against scratches. I've been using it for a few days and it's convenient and easy to use day to day. The reversible feature isn't something that I think makes much difference in this sleeve. Just choose the side you like most (they are nearly the same) and go with it. My main issue with this sleeve is the color combination. Black and grey is a safe combo but I think I would be more excited and have more emotion concerning the sleeve with a more vibrant and contrasting color combo.

If you're looking for a simple, durable, and affordable sleeve that is going to keep your 13" laptop safe from scratches and minor shocks consider the E-volve Reversible Neoprene Sleeve.

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