Today we're checking out the Omniverse Silk Fiber case designed for 2.5 hard drives, iPhones, iPods, and other similarly sized devices. If you aren't familiar Universal Electronic Accessories or "Uniea" is a company dedicated to high quality and stylish protection of mobile devices. Like other mobile accessory makers Uniea has designed many products for Apple devices including the iPhone, Macbook models, and iPods. They were founded in 2005 and are based out of Hong Kong with the mission of creating designs and marketing for the USA.

The Omniverse Silk Fiber Case is designed for simple protection. The outer bits are covered in a silk fiber material which is very soft and smooth to the touch. The insides are covered with a different material (I can't quite place what exactly) that is also very smooth to the touch. There are two zipper compartments. The larger of the two is where you would place your device like an iPhone or iPod and the smaller is an extra little pocket for accessories (earbuds fit nicely here). On the back of the case are a variety of options for attaching it to a bag. There is a loop that you could slide a bad's strap to and there is also a aluminum carabiner for clipping to things.

This case is obviously designed for ultimate protection. There is a TON of padding. There front and back walls of the Omniverse has over 1/4" of foam padding to help guarantee that you device will be protected in all but the most extreme impacts. That padding doesn't extend all the way around to the sides of the case but I'm not sure that's necessary since iPhones and iPods seem to almost always break on the screen and not on the sides.

Quality of the case's construction is good. The main pouch zipper is fairly beefy and doesn't feel cheap like those zippers you KNOW are going to break after only a couple uses. The little accessory pocket zipper on the other hand is sort of delicate and I'd be worried about potential issues with it getting jammed during extended use. Uniea should probably just get rid of the little pocket's zipper altogether and replace it with Velcro or something similar. The rest of the materials are nice, the exterior silk fabric covering feels very nice, the interior is soft and there are no concerns about potential scratches of the iPhone or iPod, the carabiner is real aluminum allowing it to be light and strong.

Fitment is pretty loose when used with an iPod or iPhone. It is obvious that this case is designed to be more multi-purpose for whatever you would like to carry rather than being designed specifically for an iPhone or and iPod. The extra looseness is beneficial though if you're trying to fit in your iPhone or iPod that already has a more form fitting case on it. In that instance this case makes perfect sense. Attach it to your hiking backpack and leave it there. Throw your iPhone or iPod in there for extra protection when you're out in the wilderness.

I actually know someone that desperately needs this case (she recently broke the screen of her iPhone on a rock hiking while it was riding in her pocket) and this will be going straight to her. That pretty much sums up this case in full. If you're an outdoorsman and need something that will provide a ton of padding against impacts to protect your iPhone or iPod this is the case for you. It's inexpensive and overall I think the Uniea Omniverse Silk Fiber case great value for the money if occasional substantial protection is what you need.