Aquapac makes some very cool 100% waterproof cases to protect electronic devices from the elements using experience from their astounding 26 years in the business. We recently reviewed their MP3 player case suitable for a variety of iPods and iPhones. While it includes a standard 3.5mm audio output for use with standard earphones on the market what if you're looking for waterproof headphones as well? No worries there, Aquapac has the solution!

Along with their other products we received a sample unit of Aquapac's 100% Waterproof Headphones. These things are listed as being 100% Waterproof above and below the surface of the water. They stay operational up to depths of 30ft but aren't recommended for depths over 10ft due to possible hearing damage if you go lower (water pressure is a *****). Like all Aquapac products they come with an outstanding 3 year warranty against faulty workmanship.

I don't typically bother reading or posting manufacturer's little promotional bits about their products but I can't pass up this one. It's refreshing to find some humor from an accessory manufacturer:

"You’re a little bit phased by the fact that as you bob your head underwater, the dulcet tones of Elvis Presley don’t skip a beat, don’t change in pitch and don’t burble away like you would have expected them to. Elvis hasn’t left the building… but you have, because you’re in the pool with your music and it’s as good as it would be in the comfort of your own kitchen. Of course, if Elvis was in your kitchen, he’d probably be too busy eating to sing."

Back to the review. First thing I did or course was plug these things into the Aquapac Waterproof iPod (and iPhone) Case and dunk everything underwater (including my head) to make sure it all worked. As expected there were no issues! The iPhone kept playing my tunes through the earphones with absolutely no indication of water being an issue. Waterproof test passed! The earphones are definitely 100% waterproof.

Fitment is adjustable with the two included sets earbuds. I'm used to seeing three sets with in-ear earphones in the sizes of small, medium, and large so I was a bit confused by only two sets with the Aquapac earphones. If I had to determine what sizes they were I'd call the options small/medium and medium/large. Like most in-ear buds getting them to fit properly in your ear canal is very important and can be a tad tricky. Personally I prefer the medium/large sized buds. Just sticking them in my ears fit properly but didn't stay in as well as I hoped wetting them a bit before placing them in my ears resulted in a much better fit and seal. Seeing as these earphones might have more obstacles to contend with while staying put (like moving water) they should probably have an attachment for those dorky over the ear hook hold on systems that you occasionally see on buds designed for jogging etc. They don't and I'd like to see Aquapac add earphones with that option to their lineup. That being said once properly fitted these stay in surprisingly well even against moving water and prevent water from entering your ear canal.

Sound quality is average. If you're an audiophile you might be annoyed with the generic sound that these buds produce. I'm not saying that the sound is bad though. Both above and below water these things sound better than those crappy earphones that Apple ships with their audio players. The Aquapac 100% waterproof headphones provide a clear but relatively flat sound. There isn't a lot of bass and the highs etc could pack a sharper and crisper bite. I tend to be picky about sound so take my dislike with a grain of salt. Compared to other waterproof headphones I've had experience with these sound great and I was pleasantly surprised that they exceeded my expectations for waterproof earphone sound quality. Something to note though is you should have these already in your ears before submerging in water. When they are in your ear the drivers are protected from being submerged and the sound remains as good as possible. If the drivers are submerged in water themselves the sound quality diminishes exponentially. While nothing will be damaged you'll have to wait for them to dry out a bit for the sound quality to return normal levels.

The earphone bits aren't overly large. For comparison purposes they are a bit larger that the stock Apple headphones but that isn't a surprise or a problem since these are an in-ear design. The chord is also about the same diameter and weight as the Apple stock earphones but better. The chord likes to remain straight instead of tangling up with is advantageous especially when you're in the water and don't want to have to deal with a chord prone to tangling. There is a small issue with the chord transmitting sound to the buds when you touch it but that for the most part goes away once in the water.

Shipped with Aquapac's 100% Waterproof Headphones is a nifty little headphone buoy. While not necessary by any means this buoy is a great touch to the overall product. The earphones will sink if you just drop them in the water so when not in uses simply attach them to the buoy and attach the buoy and you wont have to worry about potentially losing them to the depths.

So we still haven't found what I would call perfect waterproof earphones yet but with the Aquapac 100% Waterproof Headphones we're getting closer to the mark. These earphones are 100% waterproof as advertised. Sound quality, while not up to audiophile standards, is above what I expected for waterproof headphones. For average sized ears these should fit well and comfortably without wearing our your canals but I would like to see some sort of over the ear addition to better hold them in during rougher activities. Overall the Aquapac 100% Waterproof Headphones are one of the best waterproof headphone options we've run across.

Welcome to part 2 of our Aquapac giveaway. These Aquapac 100% Waterproof Headphones naturally belong with the Aquapac Waterproof iPod (and iPhone) Case. One lucky winner is going to walk away with both. For starters make sure you have entered part one fo the giveaway (instructions are in our Aquapac Waterproof iPod (and iPhone) Case review). After that leave a comment in THIS review what your favorite song/album/artist to listen to is when participating in the activity you listed in the first part of our giveaway!

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