GoGo USA offers a variety of gadget accessories specifically designed for Apple products. Currently they are concentrating on making cases for the iPhone 3G/3GS and the iPod Touch 2G/3G.They haven't been in the Apple accessory business for very long but have some high goals and according to their site are "committed to providing our customers with excellent customer service, innovative high quality products, and competitive prices in the market."

We've already checked out one of their designs for the iPhone 3G/3GS previously and today we're checking out their Slim Snap-on iPhone 3G/3GS Case Gradation Series design. This shell is very similar to the last one we reviewed with a few small differences. The design is a snap-on slim shell design intended to provide basic protection from scratches and dings on the rear of your iPhone. The GoGo USA Gradation series has a painted back with a two-tone color gradient blending a color from the bottom to black at the top. They the cover it all with some sort of clear coat finish providing a glossy look akin to "candy" paint job on a hot rod. The Gradation series comes in blue, brown (orangeish), purple, red or silver. Our review sample arrived in red.

The shell is very very thing and lightweight. It is only 1 mm think and weight in at under 1 ounce. Due to its thin and lightweight design it is almost not noticeable when on the iPhone. The phone feels the same with the case on and off and still easily slides in and out of a pocket. The plastic of the shell is slightly flexible which should help keep it from cracking or breaking even though it's extremely thin. I wouldn't use this kind of case if you're looking for strong impact protection but it should do a fine job protecting against scratches and light impacts.

Installation is easy. Simply slide the volume button side of your iPhone into the shell and then snap the other side on. Once on it fits very tightly. After a few drops and tosses onto a carpeted floor the shell didn't show any signs of falling off. You can access all the buttons and ports on the iPhone with ease including the camera, data port, speaker, microphone, home button, lock button, volume buttons, audio port, silent switch and sim card tray when the shell is on. Like other GoGo USA designs there is a round cutout on the back so the Apple logo on your iPhone shows through. I mentioned in my previous GoGo shell review that I don't really like this because I'd rather have the logo protected against scratches as well however the Apple logo showing through has been growing on me in the last week or two and now I quite like it.

What I don't like about the Gradation series cases is the plastic. I don't mean that there is anything wrong with it, it is fine for this application and there is nothing wrong. I just like the plastic used in the GoGo Applehead shell better. The Applehead shells plastic felt surprisingly soft to the touch while the plastic in the Gradation series feels harder to the touch which isn't as pleasant. It isn't just because the exterior of the Gradation series is painted the inside of the Applehead design was also nice and soft to the touch where the Gradation series is hard. GoGo could improve upon this series by using whatever plastic variation they use with the Applehead series.

Overall the GoGo Gradation series of shells are perfectly fine when compared to other shell cases. They are very lightweight and thin, the finish looks good and they stay securely on the iPhone 3G/3GS. Like most shell designs on the market protection isn't their strong point. The thin lightweight design would probably have trouble holding up against big shocks and drops and coverage is lacking at the top and bottom of the iPhone. On the other hand there is no bulk and the shell will protect well against scratches, dings, and minor falls. To help make the price tag reasonable GoGo USA is currently shipping a screen protector with most of the Gradation series (purple doesn't appear come with a screen protector). If you're shopping for the thinnest possible protection that can be removed and put back on this is a good option.

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