If you use your iPhone or iPod Touch consistently to watch movies or video you have undoubtedly at some point set your device down so you could watch hands-free. You may have tried one of the many do it yourself methods from standing your device up against some books to constructing an easel out of pencils and rubber bands. If you watch a lot of movies you might have purchased one of the many stands on the market designed to let you have your iPhone or iPod Touch stand securely upright and hands free.

Here's another option for you. The MovieWedge. This bean bag style iPhone, iPod Touch, and similar sized mobile device stand is a simplistic but ingenious idea intended to solve the issue of watching movies at home, on the couch, at the airport or just about anywhere. The MovieWedge is essentially just a $0.99 bean bag with a couple extra tweaks to make it ideal as an iPhone movie-watching stand.

A normal cheap bean bag wouldn't work well as a stand at all. Sure you could sort of prop your device on it at an angle but would end up with issues of your device sliding off or having trouble maintaining one position. To solve this issue the MovieWedge has a firm lip on one side. The lip steadily supports the iPhone or iPod Touch upright when places on the MovieWedge in a movie viewing position.

Because the MovieWedge is a bean bag the viewing angle can easily be adjusted by manipulating the shape of the bag. This isn't precise mind you it IS a bean bag but it does allow for a bit of customization of the viewing angle. Also being a bean bag the MovieWedge has some extra benefits intrinsic to its design. The entire shape is malleable and forms to whatever surface you place it on. This means that you can have a steady viewing stand almost anywhere. It works great providing steady platform while sitting on tables, desks, sofas, your knee, a backpack, the armrest, and most anywhere else you can think of within reason. I say within reason because there are some situations it just won't work well in; specifically smooth surfaces that move around a lot like a car dash.

The material the MovieWedge is constructed from is some sort of microfiber suede. It's very soft and wont damage your iPhone or iPod Touch. A side benefit is it can be used as a great cleaning cloth for you screen as well which is excellent considering the MovieWedge is created for watching movies and few things are more annoying than watching video through a dirty smudged screen.

There are a couple things that would improve the MovieWedge. First of all the tag. I hate that horrible MovieWedge tag sticking out. It's distracting and gives off a cheap and unsophisticated vibe. I'd like to see them remove the tag entirely maybe printing a logo on the bottom instead. In the most recent refresh of the MovieWedge (I believe the refresh happened within the last week or two) they have improved upon the Tag making it much smaller and less distracting. In a perfect world I'd also like the base of the MovieWedge to be a different material so it will stay firmly put on slick surfaces that move a lot like a dashboard or center console of a car.

Overall the MovieWedge is a fantastic idea. It's simple yet sophisticated in well-thought out design accomplishing its goals of being a great option to consider for your mobile movie watching endeavors.

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