Aquapac is one of those niche companies doing one thing; in this case making things 100% waterproof. They use 26 years of experience in the business to design waterproof cases and bags for a variety of objects from maps to cameras to iPhones & iPods. They are very confident that their products are going to hold up so everything they sell is backed by a 3 year warranty against faulty workmanship good for compensation of the case AND anything inside of it.

We have received a few products from them and are reviewing their Waterproof iPhone/iPod case. This case is designed to protect your device from water up to 15 ft deep while jamming tunes via the audio port. Constructed from UV-stabilized TPU material (sunlight wont hurt the case) the case is pretty light and slim with a length of 4.25in and a circumference of 6in weighing in at a total of 50 grams. It is compatible with a ton of various Apple devices including iPod 3rd gen 10Gb/15Gb/20Gb/30Gb/40Gb, iPod 4th gen 20Gb/40Gb, all 5th gen iPods, all iPod shuffle, all iPod nano, all iPod mini, all iPod Touch, and all iPhones.

To put your iPhone/iPod in the case you must first open the top. The case is opened via the two little plastic latches near the top. Rotate them 90 degrees and the top comes apart allowing you to slide your device into the case. The fit is pretty tight and the insides of the case tend to want to "stick" to the screen of your iPhone or iPod. While this is inconvenient for putting your device in the case it helps hold the device in place in front of the clear section allowing you to view the screen/controls. The clear section of the case allows you to easily see the screen of your device. It is the perfect width and height for fitment of an iPod classic with the scroll wheel but could be slightly wider to better accommodate an iPod Touch or iPhone screen. Once you have your device inserted into the case and plugged in to the internal audio jack sealing everything up is as simple as aligning the latches and rotating them both 90 degrees shut.

I tested this waterproof case with an iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPod Classic and didn't run into any issues controlling them. The touch sensitive screens on both the iPhone and iPod Touch were usable without issue. The click-wheel on the iPod Classic was also completely usable without having to press any harder than normal. Unfortunately it's winter here and water-sports weren't an option for testing so the case received a dunk test in the bathtub. It kept the devices 100% waterproof and I'm fairly confident that the case will have no issues maintaining waterproofing all the way up to the documented 15 ft. The audio output is a simple female 2.5 mm audio jack. It is compatible with any normal 2.5 mm headphones so you can use your own set or a waterproof set from a different manufacturer if you choose. No special case to headphones system here!

There are two included ways to carry the case included. First is a detachable neck cord so you can hang it around your neck. I'm not a big fan of this option since it seems ungainly but it is an option. The case also includes and armband allowing you to strap it out of the way on your upper arm. The band itself slides through a sleeve made out of the same material of the case. I'm a little pessimistic if this would hold up for activities that put a lot of pressure on the system like professional swimming but it should hold up fine for hanging out at the beach or jogging etc. The armband itself is decent and adjustable for all but the smallest arms. They could improve upon the armband itself with a bit more padding. Extended use with the armband directly on the skin has the potential to start rubbing and causing discomfort. The armband is completely removable so you could replace it with your own (assuming you have an armband lying around?) to mitigate the issue.

At the end of the day the Aquapac Waterproof iPod (and iPhone) case will with out a doubt provide great waterproof protection for the activity of your choosing. I do have some concerns about the durability of where the armband attaches and the comfort of the armband itself. If things do go wrong at least you can rely on Aquapac's incredible 3 year warranty which is one of the best in the business. On the other hard it's great to see a waterproof case with audio capabilities that doesn't require a special plug and special headphones to work. This makes jogging in the rain while still using decent sounding earphones a possibility.

We are giving away our review sample with one small catch we will also be giving away Aquapac's waterproof earphones that work perfect with the case so this is going to be a two part giveaway and you'll need to respond to both this review and the headphones review as well when we post it in a couple days for your chance to win.

So to start things off enter by posting your favorite activity where you would want waterproof protection below!