Today we are checking out the Sena Ultra Slim sleeve for the iPhone 3G/3GS. Formed in 1999 Sena is a company devoted to making high quality cases for mobile devices. They are pros with leather and have been working with it for 3 generations. They only use the finest quality Italian and Turkish Napa leathers in their cases and this Ultra Slim sleeve is no different.

The Sena Ultra Slim sleeve is pretty simple which is different from the Sena designs we're used to. The Ultra Slim sleeve is true to its name with the goal of being very slim and lightweight protection for the iPhone. There are a ton of color options from Sena with this sleeve including black, tan, red, baby blue, magenta, green, orange, yellow, brown, white, pink, beige, burgundy, purple, pewter, gold, silver, and copper so there are plenty of options to choose from. The sample we received for review arrived in black.

The quality of materials used in this Ultra Slim sleeve is on par with other Sena cases we have reviewed. The leather is good quality italian leather with out imperfections and is soft and supple to the touch. The stitching is solid and doesn't have any loose strands or thread sticking out anywhere. The interior of the case is lined in micro velvet which is very soft so there are no worries that your iPhone will be scratched or damaged while taking it in and out of the sleeve.

As far as the design goes this is a basic sleeve with no extra frills. The sleeve is thin and has no problem protecting the iPhone for normal day to day wear and tear but isn't ideal for larger drops and shocks. As far a fitment goes it is nice and tight. Once the iPhone is inside the sleeve the iPhone is very secure and wont fall out. In order to allow you to get the phone out of the sleeve Sena has made small cutouts from the sides of the sleeve near the opening. This allows you to grab the iPhone securely near the top of the sleeve in order to pull it out. At the bottom of the sleeve are perforations on both sides so the iPhone's speaker wont be muted badly allowing you to hear the ringer, etc without issue.

Overall the Sena Ultra Slim sleeve is good. It's nice and slim so there won't be extra bulk if you are carrying your phone around in the pocket. The materials are great feeling and well put together. The issues I have are mostly in how simple it is. I prefer sleeves that cover the phone a bit more and don't need cut outs near the top with flappy panels (not a fan of flappy panels) so you can get the phone out. Bottom line for a sleeve with no frills and no bulk it's very good, but there are better more complicated sleeves out there (in this case I'm specifically thinking about the Sena Corsa Sleeve). That being said if simple and no frills is your thing the Sena Ultra Slim sleeve is a very good option.

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