The LE Rush bag from be.ez ($59.99) is a good laptop bag. I'm a big fan of the slim style laptop bags that litter the shelves at your local Apple Store, and be.ez can be found on those shelves as well. There's a lot of bags quite similar to these – InCase comes to mind – but be.ez tosses a few little extras in there to stand out, and its appreciated.

The model we had in hand to review was the "black / coffee" color scheme – standard black ballistic nylon on the exterior, easy to clean and fairly weather resistant. The interior is a "coffee" color (read: dark brown) and is well padded for the MacBook Pro, which fits perfectly in there. In fact, with the hard shell case on the laptop I was reviewing for a few days, I couldn't fit the laptop in there it was so snug. Once I removed that hard case (although only from the top half – does anyone REALLY want to cover up that sexy Apple logo and brushed aluminum at the coffee shop?) it fit like a glove. Which is good – it's annoying as crap when your laptop is banging around in your bag.

The welcome additions to the bag which give it a bit more class and style are the interior and metal bits. All the clasps and zippers are hefty, solid metal (no breaking here), with decent shapes. I yanked at the zipper for a few days trying to get the thing to jam or mess up like a lot of the bags I see do, and it held up like a champ – no mishaps.

The side clasps where the removable (but included) shoulder strap attach are clever too – when you unhook the shoulder strap to use the case only with the handles, the clasps have a little nylon flap they go into, so they don't catch on anything while you're walking. Since I'm sure you swing your laptop bag around like a madman. Admit it.

I didn't have any issues with the strap – comfy and a good (adjustable) length.

The interior is a welcome different color than the tan or dark gray in every black bag out there – a warm dark brown be.ez calls "coffee." It goes well with the black, regardless of who told you not to wear brown with black (look at every Starbucks employee you see, eh?). Plenty of space for the most of us – there's a front flap with pockets inside for phone, keys, pens, etc, as well as an open space in there for your chargers, etc. Papers and what not will fit right in with your 15" MacBook Pro (tested with the Unibody, which is what this is custom fit for).

If you're the kind of whacko who carries around 30lb of gear in your bag, though – this one isn't for you. It's a slim bag with a lot of room for your basic accessories – don't expect to be tossing in a powered external laptop, DSLR, or DVD drive in there though. The LE Rush bag is perfect for the light traveler. I had my iPhone, keys, laptop, papers, some cd's and dvd's, laptop charger, iPhone dock and cable… and some other cables and such in the bag without issue.

I didn't see the bag in the Apple online store, although the be.ez website assures me the bag is in Apple Stores. If you'd prefer to shop online, though, you can always pick them up from [ame=""][/ame] for $59.99.

Course, if you're not feeling the $60 at the moment, but would love a bag… we're giving away our review unit. Simply respond here with why you should get the bag, and Wednesday evening sometime (EST) I'll pick a winner and notify you via email.