Straight talk: The Otterbox Commuter TL is a sexy beast. This case is designed protect in style using double layer (triple layer if you count the screen protector) protection in order to keep your iPhone 3G/3GS safe and secure. The rubberized soft case inside provides a nice grip around the edges of the phone and helps keep your iPhone safe from drops and shocks while the hard center piece runs down the back and provides rugged protection. You can choose from a variety of color options including black, blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow to match your sense of style. Our review sample arrived in black.

Otter is nice enough to include a screen protector to complete your protection front and back, side to side. The silicone rubber of the inner case plugs itself into your ports on your iPhone keeping dust out (something I have always been mad at Apple about not including with the phone were rubber plugs like every other manufacturer).

Notice the back of the Otterbox proudly displays the Apple logo through a clear circle cutout. The mute switch is always accessible though a hole, but the volume buttons are not exposed. Rather they are covered by the inner rubber skin. Also covered is the lock button at the top. The button covering doesn't get in the way of the phone's usability and you can still change your volume and lock/unlock just like normal. The bottom charge port is plugged by the silicone case using a plug that swings out to reveal access to the port. The top headphone jack is plugged as well with silicone that flips back to reveal the plug.

Fit and finish on the case is spectacular and the feel of the case in your hand is second to none. You can tell the quality in this case. It's not dock friendly, but for once I don't care. This case is so good I don't mind. If you're looking for one of the best mixes of protection, usability and style I recommend taking a look at the Otterbox Commuter TL cases.