Universal Electronic Accessories or "Uniea" is a company dedicated to high quality and stylish protection of mobile devices. Like other mobile accessory makers Uniea has designed many products for Apple devices including the iPhone, Macbook models, and iPods. They were founded in 2005 and are based out of Hong Kong with the mission of creating designs and marketing for the USA.

Today we're taking a look at Uniea's U-Suit Premium for the iPhone 3G/3GS. This case is a shell design intending to provide very thin, form fitting protection to the iPhone. The inner layer of the shell is made from impact resistant plastic to help the iPhone cope with impacts. On the outside to add a bit more class and style they cover the shell with their smoothest signature leather.

Something nice that they include with the case is their U-Shield Screen protector. When combined with the shell this ensures that your iPhone is protected both on the front and the back in the thinnest way possible. Like most screen protectors on the market for iPhones their U-Shield screen protector is very easy to install. Simply pull the plastic backing from the adhesive side, align on your iPhones screen and carefully stick it on to avoid bubbles. Next remove the plastic covering from the non-adhesive side of the protector and you're done. If you damage the screen protector and want to replace it it comes off fairly easily and doesn't leave disgusting residue on your screen no worries there!

Back to the shell. To put the shell on the iPhone you simply insert the phone button side first and then snap the other side in. Once on the shell provides a tight fit to the iPhone. It doesn't just fall off and continues to stay on for all but the most severe drops (read throwing the iPhone up into the air spinning wildly every which way). It barely adds any bulk to the iPhone 3G/3GS. I have been using this sleeve for about two weeks now and hardly notice that it's there. My iPhone 3GS still slides smoothly in and out of pockets and the case never gets caught or hung on anything.

The overall design is good. If you are shopping for shells you know that they offer some protection but not 100% total protection. Like most shells the Uniea U-Suit Premium for iPhone 3G/3GS does a great job protecting the sides and back of the iPhone but not as well protecting the top and bottom. They leave openings here and there so you can easily access the data port, headphone jack, sim card slot, lock button, speaker, and microphone. On on side there is a cutout for volume key and silent switch access. It doesn't feel like the case is intruding on the switches/buttons and they are easily accessibility with zero inconvenience. The camera also has an opening so there wont be any interference while taking photos.

The quality of materials is very good. The plastic shell feels solid and tough with no fear of loosing shape or breaking over time. The leather covering the exterior of the shells is very durable. I also like the texture of the leather it ads a nice look to the overall finish. The leather isn't "soft" per-say because it is a very thin piece of leather stretched tightly over the shell. It does however feel good and is more satisfying to the touch than some cheap plastic. Sitting in the hand it feels less slick than the iPhone but could use a bit more texture/roughness for grip.

At the end of the day I really like this shell. I like it so much that this has become the only case I have used in the last two weeks and I plan on continuing to use it for the foreseeable future. Including a screen protector with the case just adds to the value of the case. Everyone should include a screen protector with their cases but some companies cheap out and make you buy one separately. There are a couple things that can be improved on the Uniea U-Suit Premium for the iPhone 3G/3GS. First of all it would be nice if the shell was slightly tighter in fit. I have used shells that are a bit tighter and will absolutely never come off no matter how much you throw your phone. That being said I am using this one because everything else is much better than the other shells. I would also like to see Uniea design a shell like this with the same materials that covers the top and bottom of the phone for that extra bit of protection. Possible? I don't know but it would turn this into the perfect shell.

Regardless of the minor improvements that can be made the Uniea U-Suit Premium for the iPhone 3G/3GS is an excellent shell and a good buy.