I like Twelve South. I like the way they think. I like the way they make products. Hell, I bet I'd like their faces if I saw them. All 4 of them. I've had their BookArc ($49.99) sitting on my desk for weeks, and love the thing. Twelve South is a tiny company based out of Charleston, SC with a total of 4 people (but make no mistake – these guys are serious about making great stuff) – owner, wife, and two employees. Their website states they "feel it’s time to stop settling for PC accessories that are painted white and passed off as "Mac compatible". It’s time for a company to focus on Mac accessories exclusively." They're bent on bringing 12 new products to the table each year, specifically for Macs. Clever idea.

We've mentioned the BookArc before, when it first came out, but hadn't got our hands on one yet. It's an incredibly simple idea – your laptop takes up a lot of space on your desk, and it shouldn't. Cause you know you love to plug it into a monitor and mouse/keyboard when you're home – and why waste all that desk space? Apple has already designed the MacBooks (and MacBook Pros) to shut completely and still be on while connected to an external monitor – and Twelve South's BookArc maximizes that feature.

The BookArc is classy, from the moment you see the packaging, til the moment it's on your desk supporting your MacBook/MBP. It's made of solid powder-coated steel, with a soft silicone liner to be gentle on your laptop. Why pay $50 for a piece of metal as a stand? The same reason you paid $2500 for a laptop. This thing is made well, feels solid, and does exactly what its supposed to while looking good doing it.

My desk is messy enough as it is, so another stack of paper's worth of space being freed up is a welcome benefit. Plus – hey, it just looks cooler now.

I apologize for the smudges below… didn't have my cleaner on me.

Course, don't take my word on how nifty this thing is – we'll give you one. I'm giving away the review unit Twelve South sent us (note: this one IS for the older MacBook Pro's (15"/17"/MacBook) – it doesn't have the liners for the new Unibody design laptops) – all you need to do is either Tweet our message by clicking here, or comment below starting with "I'd like to have the BookArc because".