be.ez is a company devoted to first making their products functional before working on style. Because of this approach they create very clean and simple sleeve and bags for laptops. After they make sure their products are simply going to protect they work on the style. The overall first impression of their products is of quality.

We recently recieved a review sample of the be.ez LA Robe Allure series of laptop sleeves designed to protect the 13.3" Macbook. The Sleeve is meant to provide very good protection for your 13.3" Apple laptop. It has a zipper to close everything up so your Macbook wont fall out no matter how you have everything arranged. The Allure Series comes in a variety of colors including Allure Color, Allure Black, Allure Moka, and Allure Red Kiss. Our review sampla arrived as Allure Moka.

Shortly after I recieved our sample I started using it to protect my notebooks when I wasn't carrying a laptop bag. Immediately I noticed that while it sleeve did a great job protecting my laptops, there would be indentations in the sleeve from whatever was crammed next to it. The indentations didn't go away immediately and I thought this product was poorly made and stopped using it. I was completely wrong with my assumptions. A few days later I took a second look at the sleeve a few days later and was pleasently surprised to find no sign of indentations remaining. The sleeve is made out of a memory foam, and while it doesn't return to its original shape immediately, it will return. I have since returned to using the sleeve.

The memory foam is a full 5 mm thick to provide great protection for notebooks. While 5 mm doesn't seem like much in writing it is quite a bit of padding and inspires a certain air of confidence that your notebook is being well protected. The foam is covered by a soft material both on the inside and outside of the sleeve. It is nice to the touch and definitely will not scratch your laptop.

To prevent scratches from the zipper the Allure series sleeves have an inner lip designed to keep your laptop centered in the middle of the sleeve instead of rubbing up against the zipper. This works great for the Macbook and there are no worries. The Macbook Pro 13" shouldn't have any issues as well. The Macbook Air on the other hand is a bit too thin for this design and there is a chance that it could run into the zipper area. I'd like to see be.ez bulk up the inner lip a bit and then the sleeve would be compatible with absolutely all 13" Apple laptops regardless of how thin they are.

Overall this sleeve is quite good. It does a great job protecting aboth the Macbook and the Macbook Pro 13" line of Apple laptops. There is a substantial amount of padding and soft fabric so you can be confident your laptop will be protected both from outside pressure and from scratches. The sleeve feels durable and will likely last years of normal use. While a Macbook Air will fit in the sleeve the inner lip just isn't quite substantial enough to protect the computer from the zipper so you should just buy this sleeve if you own a Macbook or a Macbook Pro 13".

While be.ez doesn't do direct sales of their products from their website they are still easy to purchase. They have a listing of places where you can purchase their products. One of the options of course is the Apple Store.