Konnet is a company that was formed by a group of audio/video consultants in Canada. They originally started out as a consulting company but in 2007 raised a sizeable investment fund and were able to venture into the accesory market with their own line of A/V products.

We have one of these products here today with us the Konnet Reflex Dock which comes in both white and black. The Reflex dock is an all-in-one docking, charging, data transmission, and audio output dock. It works with a varietly of Apple products including all iPhone models, all iPod Touch models, iPod Nano 4G & 3G, and the iPod Classic. Their website says that is also has an "Advanced Reflex Design to Enhance the Speaker Quality and Mic Reception while using iPhone" and I have no idea what this means I do know that the dock works well though.

One of the first things I noticed about this dock, which isn't mentioned on their website, is that the dock works great with nearly all cases that have an opening for charging. I'm fairly shocked they don't mention this anywhere as this is a major feature that contributes to how good this dock really is. The back of the dock is firm, but flexible allowing it to compensate for different sizes of devices from different models of iPods to iPhones both with and without cases. The charging plug at the base is open instead of enclosed so there are no issues with cases that increase the bottom footprint of your iPhone or iPod.

Without case

With case

Now on to syncing. Simply plug in the sync/charging cable that came with your iPhone or iPod into the back of the dock dock. The fit is perfect and there are no issues with any of the cables shipped with iPhones and iPods in the last 3 or 4 years at least it probably accepts nearly all of the cable plug variations. I plugged the other end into one of my computers and had absoluetly no issues syncing my iPhone. Charging of course is supported as well.

On to the audio. I prefer docks that have audio output. I like using my iPhone as an alarm clock. I like connecting my iPods to exernal speakers when playing music. Great news, the Konnet reflex dock has audio out. Simply plug in a normal 2.5mm jack into the back of the Reflex dock and connect to any speaker system you choose. Someone called me while I was doing this and I did notice a bit of audio interference from the cellular data network through my connected speakers but the interference wasn't horrible like I have experienced with other docks (Apple docks).

There is one small issue with the Reflex dock: the audio on cata ports are very close together. While this is fine when using the included 2.5mm audio jack or the average 2.5mm audio jack it becomes a problem when you try to plug in 2.5mm audio jacks with a bit more "padding" around the plug. I have some high performance/low interference 2.5mm audio cables here that just don't work with this dock. I either have to choose to have an audio cable or the data/charge cable plugged into the dock if I use the more professional audio cables.

Overall the Konnet Reflex Dock is great! It offers all the functionality you could want from a dock allowing charging, data syncing, and audio out. The design is sophisticated and pleasent to look at. Materials and build quality are top notch and there is no doubt this dock will last many years or normal use. A big plus is the variety of iPhones and iPods that work great with this dock; including ones wearing a case! I do have a minor issue with how close the data and audio ports are to each other but most users wont experience this issue and it can be easily resolved by using a different 2.5mm audio cable/jack.

The folks at Konnet have been generous enough to send us two Reflex docks. One in black and one in white. I'm going to be giving one of them away!

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