Formed in 1999 Sena is a company devoted to making high quality cases for mobile devices. They are pros with leather and have been working with it for 3 generations. They only use the finest quality Italian and Turkish Napa leathers in their cases.

The case we have here today is the Sena CorsaDesinger Sleeve for the iPhone 3G/3GS. First off the bat I noticed that this case is also compatible with the original iPhone model. The case comes in a variety of colors including Black/Red, Black/Black, Chocolate/Tan, Turquoise/Black, Sedona/Black, Brown/Beige, and Orange/White. The case is mostly solid with a "racing stripe" for race inspired sportyness. The majority of the case is made from high quality vincade leather while the striped portion is a perforated leather. Our review sample arrived Black/Red which I think is the best color combo for this case.

Like all Sena products I have had here so far this case is made with the utmost attention to quality and detail and has little to know flaws. The leather as always has an excellent feel to it. The front and back of the case are padded for extra protection of your iPhone in the event of accidents and drops. Inside the case you find a solft velvity material to make sure the case won't scratch or damage your iPhone.

Lets make one thing clear, I don't like the majority of sleeve cases. There are many reasons for this. First of all a sleeve should have a tight fit around your phone. Unfortuately having a firm fit typically leads to difficulty getting the phone out of the sleeve or the sleeve needs to be flappy and loose at the top so you can grasp your iPhone and pull it out of the case. The third thing I typically don't like about sleeves is that they block the phone's speakers, muting phone calls, text messages, and other notifications.

With the Sena Corsa sleeve these issues have been mitigated. To maintain a tight fit without being flappy and loose at the top Sena has crafted a very cool pull strap system into the sleeve. With your iPhone inside the sleeve the pull strap is for the most part inside the case as well. To remove the iPhone you simply pull the strap and your iPhone smoothly rises out of the case. This allows the Sena Corsa to maintain a tight fit around the iPhone from top to bottom without sacraficing usability.

To get around the muted sound issue Sena has perforated holes in the bottom of the case os the iPhone's speak wont be fully covered no matter which way you put it in the sleeve.

Overall this is a great sleeve. I really don't have any complaints with the design and the innovative pull strap system is a great idea that is actually practical in real life instead of just being there for cool factor. As always with Sena products quality of materials is top notch and the case is put together solidly without signs of defect. The only minor setback is the top of the iPhone isn't fully protected , but that is to be expected with sleeve style cases and not something you case really complain about if you're in the market for a sleeve. If a sleeve is your thing and you want the best the Sena Corsa is a very good option.

I'm in a giving stuff away mood lately and am going to give away our Black/Red sample pictured in this review to one of our readers.

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