Bluelounge is an award winning design studio, which creates great products to tackle the daily needs of people with design and utility being the 'wow' factor! In 2008 they received a total of 11 design awards!

Recently, I received a blueLounge 'Refresh' for this review and like its title, it is a great charging station with a jaw-dropping simplistic and refreshing design. It basically is an all metal docking station designed to charge up to six different appliances all at one time.

It has six built-in connectors, which makes it compatible with more than a 1000 products available worldwide! Out of these, two are iPod and iPhone connectors to charge your favorite apple device. Others include a Mini USB and Micro USB connector which are the main reason for wide compatibility. It even has two USB sockets where you can plugin the USB cables for your device and then connected the device to charge. All these connectors get hidden below a nice black rubberized tray, on which the devices rest. The connectors are just long enough so that these can be accessed using the cable access space to plug in the device easily. To avoid any confusion, the name of each connecter is specified along with it.

With this set-up, you can hide all your cables and just plug in the 'Refresh' power cord to a socket and charge all devices simultaneously. This not only makes your desk look clean but the design makes it look cool as well.

Overall, if you don't want the old and boring looking charging stations on your desk or at any other place, the 'Refresh' is really a fresh new option worth giving a try. It comes in three color choices white, black and pink all of which are meant for different people with different needs. At the price tag of $89.99, it makes a great Christmas gifts for your colleagues with messy desks! You can buy it directly off blueLounge here or from their store here.

The guys at blueLounge were cool enough to giveaway 2 of these to our loyal readers. To enter the giveaway, just post a comment below beginning with "bL-" and provide your color choice as well- black, white or pink.


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