Rad-tech sells some of the coolest products out there today. I’ve been a fan for a while, so when I finally was able to convince the wife to let me upgrade to a 3G (Yes, still a model behind, story of my life) I ordered 2 cases before even receiving the phone. This is the story of the first case I received, which is the ARC Hard Shell case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

First off, the case feels amazing, it’s smooth, but not slippery smooth. The case itself wraps around the sides, but doesn’t quite cover the bezel completely, and the fit is great, nice and snug with no wiggle or loose feeling. The site claims it slides in and out of pockets easily, and I can verify that this is exactly why I love this case. The grip works well, but it still drops in and out of pockets with no problems at all.

I have dropped it a couple of times, but not onto cement or anything hard. That being said, it still held nicely to the phone and only had a black “rub” mark on it, which came right off. My only complaint has to do with the bottom half of the case. The “button” used to release it from the rest is quite tight, and does not easily come off for docking. Also, the side flanges on it are VERY thin, and it’s easy for them to slip to the outside while assembling, possibly breaking them off.

Overall, aside from the minor quibbles, which aren’t deal breakers in any way, this case is fantastic, and one that I used for quite awhile before switching around to something different (I’m a bit of a case nerd too). While there are some minor issues with the case design this is a great option, especially in the category of affordable cases.