Today we are taking a look at and reviewing the Richard Solo custom iPhone case for the 3G / 3GS. If simplicity is the key, Richard Solo has found the winning combination of understated and simple cases. This case is extremely thin and form fitting with nearly zero added bulk. It slides neatly around the phone barely making it's presence known at all.

So who is Richard Solo anyway? RichardSolo is created by Richard Thalheimer, who founded and created The Sharper Image* in 1977. This is his newest collection of products, chosen to make your life better. I'm sure we all remember the Sharper Image catalog.

This case was designed to work with the support brace on on the back of the RS001 (RichardSolo 1800) external battery charger which we reviewed recently here at ModMyi. That's why it has the high notch in the back. It has a one-year warranty as well. As you can see from the pictures it fits so well you can barely tell it is there. It does a good job covering all the major areas of the iPhone. Being so thin and lightweight this case is better suited for protecting your iPhone from ugly scratches and nicks. For major shocks you might consider looking elsewhere, there is only so much shock protection you can expect from such a thin and lightweight case.

The bottom line: The Richard Solo case is a minimal design for a minimalistic lifestyle. It's thin, light, very convenient to use with the Richard Solo charge unit, and provides full access to the ports and buttons of the iPhone. I feel certain that anyone looking for a case that adds as little as possible to the iPhone will love the Richard Solo, especially if compatibility with the Richard Solo 1800 charge unit is a priority. While it can be used as a stand alone case, its compatibility with the charging unit is what really makes the Richard Solo Custom Case shine.