Customize when and how your phone will ring based off of your Calendar appointments!

Ever been in a meeting and had your phone go off as you'd forgot to put it to Silent? Ever been home and missed a call because you forgot to switch back OUT of silent mode? Calendar Pro (Profiles) is a new package in the Cydia Store ($2.99) which is for you then. There's more than one implementation of this idea out there – but none does it quite as well as Calendar Pro (Profiles) does. There's a few things that make it such a solid app, but the major one is this – it syncs up with your Calendar events, and knows exactly when to use each profile.

Calendar Pro (Profiles) is built by Paul Griffin (aka phoenix3200), a well-respected dev in the jailbreak community. He is also the author of Music Controls, another app in the Cydia Store. Keep reading for more info.

You can create multiple profiles, each with a large variety of options. Profiles get a unique name, set by you, and are customized further then. You set the overall system behavior for this profile (Ring, Ring + Vib, Silent), and then can choose individual behaviors as well. Say I want to create a profile called "Sleeping," during which everything is silent – no SMS sounds, email sounds, or event sounds – BUT I want my phone to still ring if someone calls. Or maybe I want a "Meetings" profile where everything is completely silent, but I DO get a vibration for a text. All that's possible with Calendar Pro (Profiles).

Another special added feature – you can choose whether you want the Ringer Switch to be enabled or not (the button on your iPhone that moves it between Silent and Ringer modes) for each profile. Say I'm at a ball game, and I want the phone in Loud mode, but I accidentally flip that silent switch… if I'm on a Ringer Switch disabled profile, then I still have an iPhone in loud mode!

Profiles can be activated based on time (my "Sleeping" profile would be active 1AM-9AM every day), Events (certain events would get my "Meetings" profile), or a nice combination of the two – so any time there's an event between 9AM and 5PM, I go to "Work Meeting" profile.

Individual filters and rules can also be applied to further drill down your specifics.

If you're a person who is in business or in school – this is great for you. Check it out in the Cydia Store now!