Today we will review the Richard Solo 1800 for the iPhone and all iPod (except shuffle) and having some fun in the process. This external battery system provides power for your iPhone while charging it back up. The system has a laser and a white led guide light on one end and a charging port on the other. Other indicators are power led's on the front to let you know of the system status.

So who is Richard Solo anyway? RichardSolo is created by Richard Thalheimer, who founded and created The Sharper Image* in 1977. This is his newest collection of products, chosen to make your life better. I'm sure we all remember the Sharper Image catalog.

The charger's that come with the Solo are a wall charger with a usb port and a car charger with 2 usb ports. All put out the standard 5v output of a usb port. A retractible usb cable is included that coils upon itself and keeps tangle and slack from getting in the way. If you look at the Solo you'll notice it has a black face with silver trim. It imitates the iPhone's look to accomplish a nice integration between the two.

In testing I was able to use the Solo for two hours solid while it charged my phone, put it down, come back and my phone be completely charged and the solo still have plenty of reserve power. One could easily leave the house in the morning with a full charge on their phone and Solo, burn their phones battery down on some games or chatting, charge it back up to full, and still have energy in the Solo for later. The red laser is very bright and shines for a long distance outside, as well the white led light was helpful getting in my trunk with my phone in my hand. Due to the nature of the way the Solo connects to the phone it's possible to have a very bad accident with the phone connected to the charger so be mindful of what you are doing when hooked to the Solo. The last thing you want is to damage your dock port on the phone. If you're looking for a nice addition to your iPhone in battery support, the Richard Solo external power supply is a great choice that looks the part and is compact to boot.