The Sena Sarach Flip Case for iPhone 3G/3GS is part of Sena's designer series line of cases. I'd like to add that I test fit one of my iPhone 2G units in the case and it appeared to fit fine as well. The case comes in a variety of colors including Black/Grey, Red/Red, Brown/Cream, Tan/Cream, and Red/Cream. Our review sample came in the Brown/Cream color combination. The case is hand sewn out of full grain Napa leather with some light velvet on the inside to protect your iPhone from scratches. This particular case is a flip design there is a cover that flips down to cover the screen for protection.

Putting the iPhone in the case is a simple procedure. Just raise the flip and slide the iPhone in from the top. The iPhone fits snuggly inside of the case without any looseness or misfitting. There are cutouts in all the usual places around the case specific to the iPhone. The light sensors and camera aren't blocked. You can access the data port, volume buttons, headphone port, and silent switch with the case open or closed. The lock button and the home button are both fully covered when the flip is closed but easily accessible when the flip is open. Even the speaker and microphone have cut outs so they aren't blocked. After the case it adds bulk to the iPhone as expected, but it isn't too bad and the phone still slides into a packet nicely.

Let's talk a little bit about quality. The Sena Sarach Flip Case is put together very well. The leather is obviously high quality with a smooth but firm feel and zero visual imperfections. All the stitching on the case is tight and solid. There are no issues with loose threads anywhere. The velvet is used on the inside of the case where the case meets the front and sides of the iPhone. While there is no velvet where the back of the iPhone comes in contact with the case I don't feel like it is necessary. The leather probably isn't going to scratch the phone. Visually I particularly like this color combo. The cream stitching offsets the brown leather nicely reminding me of those Dr. Martens shoes that were all the rage back in the 90s. The case has a sleek and simple appearance with a classic look.

There are a few things that bug me a bit with the case. First and foremost is the magnets that hold the flip closed. They work great for holding the flip closed but I have always been nervous with magnets around electronic devices. I am sure that Sena wouldn't be using magnets if they caused issues Sena has been in the business for quite some time now but just in case I'm going to use this case for a few weeks to see if there are any issues. If there are issues I'll update this post.

Next on my list of things that bug me is the opening for the volume buttons and the silent switch. There isn't much room between the buttons on the iPhone and Sena has decided to run a leather strip between them. It just sort of feels like that leather strip might push the volume up button unintentionally. In my experience for the past couple days it hasn't interfered with the volume keys at all, it just looks like it might in the future and makes me uncomfortable.

The last thing to mention is that with the flip up you'll have to make sure that it isn't working its way into the frame while taking photos. It isn't a big deal, just something you should be aware of.

All in all this case is quite good. The quality of materials and the quality of the stitching is impeccable. The price is a bit steep, but in the same price range as other iPhone cases designed for users that are not only buying a case but are also buying a stylish accessory. Welcome to America, there is a premium on high quality materials and style. We award this case with an overall rating of 4/5. It's nearly perfect, but does have a few minor issues that possibly only bother me