Today we're checking out the ION CarbonFiber Leather Shell for the iPhone 2G/3G/3GS. The case is constructed of a mix of leather and carbon fiber for a a sleek and sexy looking final product. Our review unit is black leather but there are other color choices to choose from (for the leather/fabric portions) including white leather, orange leather, and grey velvet. Included with the case is a nice little microfiber screen cleaning cloth.

ION is a accessory maker with a wide range of products designed for many mobile devices including the hottest cell phones from a variety of manufacturers along with a few products for laptops, specifically the Apple Macbook line. Just quickly browsing around their site everything they currently are selling appears to be classy and uniquely made with high quality materials.

The ION CarbonFiber Leather Shell for iPhone really is a high quality case. Everything is put together with extreme detail to fit and finish. The leather is tight without any deformities. A carbon fiber strip funs down the rear of the case providing a little extra "bling." The interior is padded with a nice soft material to ensure that your iPhone wont be damaged by the case itself.

Once in the case all of the iPhone's buttons and ports are easily accessible, nothing is blocked. As with most cases of this type you won't be able to dock your iPhone with the case on due to the extra padding around the iPhone's data port. Speaking of padding this case does have a substantial amount of it. It expands the iPhone's form fact a bit making it larger in the hand than normal. Even the iPhone's screen gets some additional protection the case surrounds the outside and sticks up from the iPhone's face about 1/8 inch.

Putting your iPhone in the case is simple. The case is more of a sleeved design and you just slide the phone in from the top. I was concerned at first that the iPhone might slide back out just as easily but that didn't happen. The case securely holds the iPhone in place with little chance of slipping off.

All in all this is a great looking case made from high quality components with excellent attention to detail. There is no doubt it adds extra protection to the iPhone while still sporting some style. Like most cases designed for protection it is not compatible with most docks (I did find that it works fine with the Dexim dock as long as the device-specific inserts taken out). The case also adds quite a bit of bulk but once again that is to be expected with all cases designed for maximum protection. If a sturdy designer case is on your wish list the ION CarbonFiber Leather Shell is an excellent option.