Today we are reviewing the Prima Resin TPU Case for 3G and 3GS iPhones. This hard silicon resin case is designed for simple protection of the iPhone, nothing more, nothing less. The case has openings for all the needed ports and buttons to operate the iPhone.

So who the heck is Prima? From their site: "Prima Cases represent the latest in advance case and design technology from The Colemax Group. As part of The Colemax Group, Prima Cases utilizes the expertise of over 25 years of carrying case manufacturing experience that Colemax has been providing to major corporations and OEM's throughout the world. Remember the original Palm III Case???…..that was a Colemax Creation. Palm V and Palm VII……also Colemax. How about all the cases carried by CBS SPORTS field teams and executives? Yes…Colemax too! Rugged Cases for HP and Dell Programs……you guessed it!"

The first thing we notice about this case is that it is smoked and clear. The crystal style designs are molded into the unit and make the inside of the case rough as the outside stays smooth. The almost sticky, high friction material grabs your hands like trying to slide two rubber balls across each others surface. It has a strap that comes with it you may add to it to make it a worn item instead of a carried item. Due to the simple design the price point for this case is low and very welcoming given it's workhorse attitude. The case is tough, thick, and strong. You will be hard pressed to come across another case that i this simple and satisfies so many of your needs all in one. I was not able to easily scratch it, nor was I able to deform it with high heat. It seems to be built to anyone's standards.

In closing, I LOVE this case. It is so simple and works so well with no complications or bells and whistles. It feels great to hold and has a tacky surface so it will not slide off anything. It looks best on a black phone, but I don't completely hate it on a white one. It just dulls it down some being a smoked case. It's inexpensive so you can replace it at will, though I doubt it will wear fast since it is tough and thick. It's very impact resistant as well thanks to it's thickness and will certainly help the iPhones much needed durability. Even if you have the case of your dreams right now, you might considered grabing one of these and just use it when you want a change. This is a not a flip out, stand up, bling bling case it is a purpose build case and it does it well. You should certainly check it out.