Today we're checking out a great idea for charging your Apple iPhone or iPod. If you're like me and have various Apple devices laying around it can become inconvenient managing various chords located who knows where when trying to charge your iPhone or iPod. Further more using chords and laying your device down an the desk isn't exactly "classy." Docks are a great option but lately Apple hasn't been exactly generous enough to include docks with their products requiring you to purchase one yourself.

Enter the Dexim iPhone/iPod Dual Charging Station from Richard|Solo. Richard|Solo is the creation Richard Thalheimer, founder of The Sharper Image with the goal of providing customer service and satisfaction as the priority in an online store. Lately they have been concentrating on products for Apple devices, specifically the iPhone and iPod models.

This dual charger creates a solution of a need I wasn't aware I had being able to charge multiple devices in the same spot, at the same time. Before this product arrived in the mail for review I had my iPod and iPhone connected to different outlets in different rooms both lying on the carpet. They were moved to the floor after I finally got fed up retrieving my charging cables after they slid between the desk and the wall. I've had some interesting incidents with the dog playing with them, stepping on them, and tripping over cords.

Now both of them live in the charging station on my desk. The Dexim Dual Charging Station is pretty versatile. It has two slots for charging and is packed with a ton of various inserts. These inserts are precisely designed to fit your Apple iPhone or iPod (except the iPod Shuffle). Once you have located the inserts for your devices they simply snap into place on the charging station.

Overall the appearance of the dual charging station is great. The finish is glossy black with blue accents. The fit is great, everything is put together precisely and the inserts snap in snuggly and securely with no chance of falling off. One of my favorite features is the blue lighting. There is an On/Off button on the side of the charging station. Whether or not you have the unit set on "On" or "Off" the station will charge your devices if it is plugged in. The On/Off switch simply controls the blue lighting on the unit. With the switch set to "On" a great looking blue glow emanates from the LED trim on the unit.

The Dexim iPhone/iPod Dual Charing Station is nearly perfect but I do have a few issues. I consistently use my iPhone as an alarm to wake up in the morning. This worked fine with it lying on the floor since the speaker wasn't covered. Unfortunately when it is charging in this dock the sound is muted a bit, making it less effective to wake up to. What would make this charging station perfect is one of two things. The first option would be some small speakers in the unit. Even minimal speakers would increase the volume of the sound coming from the iPhone or iPod. A second option would be audio out. If I could plug in a 2.5 jack into the dock and run it to some speakers I would be completely content. The speakers/audio out wouldn't even need to work on both sides, just having one of the docking ports connected to some audio capability would be just fine.

Overall the Dexim iPhone/iPod Dual Charging Station is a great solution of charging two Apple iPhones or iPods or any combination of the two. If looks great, works great, and is put together solidly. If you're considering purchasing a dock for one of your devices but could actually use a dock for multiple devices be sure to consider the Dexim iPhone/iPod Dual Charging Station. I rate this product 4/5. If it only had some built in audio options the rating would be a solid 5/5.