Today we are reviewing the Prima Leather Flip Case for ALL iPhones. This leather flip case comes in red, white, or black and features a locking slider hook for carrying on the pants loop or clipping onto a purse. It simply screws into the back of the case as an included option. The case has openings for all the needed ports and buttons to operate the iPhone.

So who the heck is Prima? From their site: "Prima Cases represent the latest in advance case and design technology from The Colemax Group. As part of The Colemax Group, Prima Cases utilizes the expertise of over 25 years of carrying case manufacturing experience that Colemax has been providing to major corporations and OEM's throughout the world. Remember the original Palm III Case???…..that was a Colemax Creation. Palm V and Palm VII……also Colemax. How about all the cases carried by CBS SPORTS field teams and executives? Yes…Colemax too! Rugged Cases for HP and Dell Programs……you guessed it!"

The case has two slots for credit cards, business cards, whatever you wish to stick in there. The leather feels very nice and the case has a good stitch to it. It's a tad bulky, but it protects your phone like no other. Unless you do something incredibly stupid, you aren't going to break your phone with this case. It snaps closed and the optional (included) swivel mount clip system has a quick release button on it to split the case from the clip on the go.

So here's the bottom line on the Prima leather flip cases…. They are a tad large compared to some, but it's for protection and it allows you to have optional pockets like the credit card pockets that this case has. This is the Caddy of cases and you're sure to like it if you are in the market for a leather flip case. Give Prima a shot he next time you are looking for one and you just may be pleased.