Today we are reviewing the Pogo Sketch stylus. The Pogo Sketch is a aluminum bodied soft tipped stylus made for the Macbook and iPhone interfaces. Aside of pink it also comes in silver. This is another price conscious review as it is under $15 for a Pogo Sketch stylus. There is no easier way to turn your iPhone or Macbook into a tablet than to use the Pogo Sketch to draw, slide to unlock, or just navigate. So who is Pogo Sketch's designers? Ten One Design is a company based in New Jersey and they specialize in mobile designs. They make a Pogo Sylus, Pogo Sketch, and Sound Clip.

While using the Pogo Sketch I noticed it required very little effort to use. You do have to make full and direct contact, not just brush across it, however it is not something that requires great effort and it shouldn't slow you down or become a hassle. The Pogo Sketch is very light weight and you can't feel anything in your hand as you use it so it is very non intrusive. I'd be weary if you have a sticky screen protector such as the BSE, this likely wouldn't be a good idea. Most screen protectors are slick and hard however and will work just fine. It has a clip on the side so you can just pin it up when you are not using it rather than laying it down and getting the tip dirty. I'll leave you with some details on the Pogo Sketch directly from their site:

  • Our high-gloss curved pocket clip keeps the stylus handy
  • Works with any combination of gloves and nails
  • Allows you to use your touchscreen device or multi-touch trackpad at a natural drawing angle
  • Typing on a software keyboard (especially at first) is much easier with a stylus
  • Sleek aluminum design with detailed graphics

The Pogo Sketch also features a soft, durable tip designed with the needs of mobile users in mind. It is precision-formed to the perfect size for selecting smaller links and buttons.