Today we are reviewing the Prima crystal case (part #PC-IPHLUC). This crystal case has locking clasps around all sides so it's one of those cases you won't be complaining about flying open while you are using it. Once it closes, it's closed. All the access holes are in the right spot and beveled out for a smooth edge.

So who the heck is Prima? From their site: "Prima Cases represent the latest in advance case and design technology from The Colemax Group. As part of The Colemax Group, Prima Cases utilizes the expertise of over 25 years of carrying case manufacturing experience that Colemax has been providing to major corporations and OEM's throughout the world. Remember the original Palm III Case???…..that was a Colemax Creation. Palm V and Palm VII……also Colemax. How about all the cases carried by CBS SPORTS field teams and executives? Yes…Colemax too! Rugged Cases for HP and Dell Programs……you guessed it!"

My only issue with clear cases is that they press against the phone making an odd outline in some places. Short of that, I have no room for complaint.

The Prima Crystal Lucite case is sturdy and stays together without issue unlike some of its competitors in the same price range. If you are the type that likes a clear case, this one is definitely a great value at the $15 price point complete very strong locking sides that will not pop open on you. The top is mindful of the prox sensors and again beveled to allow a smooth and refined edge. If you are looking for a clear case you might just want to check out Prima's Crystal case with its low price point and excellent protection.