Iphone 3GS OS 4.1
Windows 7
error log Restore Fail -

Apple Iphone 3GS 4.1 firmware jailbroken a long time ago with limerain

Spent most of the day trying to get my phone in DFU mode. Itunes would not recognize the phone in DFU and neither would redsnow/ireb

Tried over and over again and would not work.

Found this "extra" in redsnow that will let you recover into a DFU mode.

Thought what the hell, lets try it and if it doesnt work I'll just update the Iphone

redsnow asks you for a ipsw file and i used a 4.1 file

redsnow created a new dfu mode ipsw file based on the 4.1 OS

i shift clicked on the restore button in itunes and selected the dfu/restore ipsw file

looked like it was working. the progress bar on the iphone got near 100% and then there was an error

the phone shut down and was no longer found by itunes

i tried holding down the home and power buttons together to turn the phone on. tried just the power button for a while. tried different cables and different computers but no luck.

i cant get anything to read the iphone. and it won't turn on.

i dont think its in dfu mode because i tried to run redsnow and it says that it cant find my iphone. tried using ireb and redsnow to verify that it is not in dfu mode and both programs do not detect the iphone. the iphone was detected before this issue but would not go into dfu mode. it would just be detected in itunes with the options to update the os or restore. now it will not show up at all and i do not have the options to restore or update.

very frustrated. don't know why they made the dfu mode easier to access. im almost 100% sure i was in dfu mode because my screen was black and the only way i could get the phone to get out of the state it was in was to hold the power and home buttons for 15 seconds or so to get it to restart.
also dont know why there isnt a hard reset via the hardware of the iphone so it isnt required to be plugged into the computer to get back working.

just venting a little. mad at myself really. any help or ideas would be great. in china atm so not really easy to get to a reputable repair guy