Let me start from the beginning:

I've jailbroken devices for quite a while, since the first generation iPod touch. Now, it's been a while since I've done this. Back when the iPhone 4S first came out, I (stupidly) tried using the jailbreak out at the time. It obviously did not work.

Since then, the phone has been stuck in a very strange state. It claims to be version 5.0.1 (9A405) in Settings, but it's not the 4S firmware: I've lost Siri. Trying to restore through iTunes does not work. Trying to restore through a custom firmware in iTunes does not work. Trying to restore to iPhone 4S firmware in redsn0w results in an error.

redsn0w, by the way, claims that the phone is an iPhone 4VZW. So I believe that it's running that firmware, which was installed via redsn0w back then. The solution then, it would seem, would be to simply restore to proper firmware via redsn0w. However, as I said before, that doesn't work: redsn0w claims that that firmware isn't supported.

I would really like to have this fixed, can anyone help??
Thank you!