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Thread: Can anyone help a noob?

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    Default Can anyone help a noob?
    I am trying to JB my iphone using redsnow, but it gets to the part saying "Uploading ramdisk" and then it seems to freeze (after 45 minutes no change to status bar).

    I have restored 3 times. I don't know what I am doing incorrectly. I really could use a hand. Thanks!!!!

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    I can. If you are on 4.2.1 just use greenpois0n rc6 for a nice untethered jailbreak.

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    I tried to use greenpoison first for the JB. It never found the device. I attempted all morning thinking it was me. Then I restored, and attempted with RedSnow and it found the device and made the attempt on the first try. It just freezes at the ram part.

    Could I have used the wrong version of greenpoison?

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    Did you get the greenpois0n from the official site. Also if you are on windows 7 or vista try running as administrator in windows xp compatibility mode.

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    I thought I got the greenpois)n from the official site:

    Each time I try to use it, it puts the iphone in recovery mode.

    I am running Vista. How do you run as an administrator in xp compatibility?

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    Well first try as administrator just right click on redsn0w and click run as admin...

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    OK, restored. Went to greenpois0n and attempted as an administrator and in XP compatible. Nothing. Tried twice.

    Restored again, and attempted the same process with redsnow.

    Any idea what I can be doing wrong? At east redsnow attempts to download jailbreak data (just stuck stuck when uploading ramdisk). Nothing with greenpois0n.

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    You are using the latest redsn0w right?

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    No use redsn0w 0.9.6 rc8

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    Restored, loaded new version. Ran in XP compat mode as an Administrator. Loaded only two bars on the ramdisk.

    Is there a different location for the IPWS file or multiple IPWS files?

    Anything I can do to completely restore and attempt with greenpois0n that might get greenpois0n to find the device?

    BTW - I really appreciate your help!! Thanks, as you can see I need it.
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    After you begin Redsn0w, open task manager. Right click on Redsn0w, choose 'set affinity', and check only CPU 1. That should keep it from locking up on the Uploading Ramdisk part- at least it did for me.

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    When I attempt to change affinity or priority (either) it tells me access is denied. I ran the program as administrator and in xp compatible mode.

    Should I slice my wrists down the highway or across the road...arrgh. This is driving me nuts.

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    Hmm. Did you try clicking on "show all processes" at the bottom of the processes tab of task manager and then try changing the affinity?

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    I woke up this morning a little down. I attempted to try with "showing all processes". It worked!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

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    I <3 happy endings. Glad you reconsidered suicide

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    No problem glad it worked out
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    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
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    Dude T.M.I

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