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Thread: restore itunes gets stuck

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    Default restore itunes gets stuck
    Help Me Please. I was trying to restore my iphone back to original settings and for some reason it gets stuck halfway through. I am on 3gs 4.2.1 and jailbroke using redsnow (latest tethered version.
    I read that if you downloaded Wfisync that you have to remove it to fix this stuck mode. Is this true because now I can't even go back to original redsnow jailbeak. it goes through but midway after the pineapple shows in iphone screnn when completed, it goes into recovery mode. How do I fix this weird probelm to get back to my original jailbrek. I use PKG-Backup so everything is updated and saved. What are my options please. HELP Please!!!

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    [QUOTcustom that you download from this page.
    ok I try to help you because i have the same problem before.

    OK #1-download the firmware 4.2.1 for 3gs from any page you can found. save in a carpet you can found easy my documents etc.

    #2-download redsn0w 0.9.6b6
    and save to.

    #3-download this custom from this page exclusive removed

    OK when you download and save everything.
    open redsn0w take the original firmware 4.2.1 the you download in last option put in duf right now.and due the process.when you iPhone in duf like iTunes when open a windows you iPhone is in recovery shift and click restore and take the custom that i put.from removed

    and leave iTunes due the process OK when iTunes finish now not suppose gave error because it have the ipad firmware already installed.if i help you let me know please good luck.

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    Do not link to custom firmware. It is against forum rules.

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    Hey thanks man , I figured it all out. Some stuff didn't restore like removed. They arn't even in my store downloads. oh well I'm getting pretty sick and tired of this whole "jailbreak" thing. Its getting ridiculous waiting for an untethered jailbreak that works as easy as limerain did. it really takes up too much of my time when there is an update and that is too much for me to handle at this point.. Sorry for the venting out my frustrations but to me the whole set up of theme-ing and jailbreaking is so caveman PC like to me. I loved it at first but now it;s really all just a pain in the you know what! Thanks for your rock! Murrman over chhhhhh!
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