Hey there, I have recently been handed down an iPhone 3G 16GB that hasn't been in use for a while due to a failed jailbreak. Something went wrong in the process of the jailbreak and now when turned on it is stuck on the reboot screen. Here's where it get's a bit strange... (and a little humourous) The reboot screen consists of a face shot of, of all things/people, Dr Gregory House from the TV show, House. Underneath the face shot it reads...

it's not lupus

I've also included a screenshot here - <http://imgur.com/VQrgUMy> I'm not sure whether this is something similar to pwnagetool or an actual sort of prank/trolling software. My friend who gave the iPhone to me said he hadn't tried to get it fixed but being a software problem it shouldn't be deemed irreparable. I've searched online for information on this particular jailbreak but nothing has come up.

Anyone have info on this at all or has pwnage reigned supreme over this iPhone?