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Thread: Never Again

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    Default Never Again phone is now an iPod. Most of my cracked apps are gone. My phone has no network. The apps I do have are scattered all over the place. I don't get it. I did EVERYTHING correctly after reading a ton of posts. I know NOT to allow iTunes to do an Update, and I know if I do a Restore with the Apple 2.2 firmware I will ruin the chance to ever use a software unlock. All I can think to do is to try and repeat the pwnage process with the custom .ipsw I created.

    Any other ideas before I do it?

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    Take a deep breath and try to relax. You should be OK. I advise you to start from scratch. Restore the phone as new, upgrade to 2.2 via itunes and then JB to 2.2.

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    When u say restore as new, what do u mean.

    The way i understand it, if i let iTunes restore the phone with the firmware it downloads from Apple, I will lose the ability to ever software unlock the phone. I really don't care taht much about an unlock because ATT owns me for the next 2yrs anyway.

    I just had an idea. restore the phone BACK DOWN to the custom 2.1 .ipsw. Install aptbackup from Cydia, then restore again from the custom 2.2 .ipsw. Whaddaya think?
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    Whenever dealing with modded files, you rarely want to upgrade to a new software, you always want to restore. Upgrading doesnt wipe the phone, it only replaces certian files and leaves some gateways open which will seriously compromise performance. If you restore to 2.2 as new via iTunes, you will pretty much ruin your chances for an UNLOCK in the future, but not a jailbreak. As you said AT&T has you binded by contract, so the unlock is irrelavant. Restore to 2.2 via iTunes then use quickpwn to jailbreak it. Make sure you have the lattest quickpwn and ispw, or it will be unsuccessfull. Do not restore from backup, build your phone as new.
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    Custom build a new 2.2FW with pwnage. Remember to use expert mode and uncheck the "activate" box. DFU restore to this custom firmware and manually redownload all your apps.

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