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Thread: Straight Talk and iPhone 4S

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    Default Straight Talk and iPhone 4S
    Hi. I'm trying to get affordable prepaid service for my iPhone. I'm currently trying T-Mobile, but I can't send outgoing text and only get EDGE using the Gevey SIM. I think I've decided I'm going to try out StraightTalk.

    I need some clarification here. On the iPhone 4S (5.1), the '4G' indicator is for HPSA+, correct? And HPSA is normal 3G. My question is, since ST runs on AT&T's towers, will I get HPSA+ on my iPhone with StraightTalk? If yes, does '4G' appear when it is available?

    Also, can I hear some iPhone 4S and ST reviews? Preferable reviews for the iPhone 4S on 5.1 with 2.0.10 baseband. I should just be able to put in the ST SIM, add a profile from, and then be good to go, right? Thanks in advance!

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    straight talk is the best truly true 3g mvno company out there, compatible with any iphone and i use and so does my wife we have iphone 4s on 5.0.1 jailbroken of course, but you can get a iphone 4s right now with 5.1.1 software on it you can buy a turbo sim on ebay for like 20 bucks and unlock your iphone 4s, it works great 3g is awesome and pictures sending and recieving pics all data works its like being with att sprint or verizon and the data speeds are crazy fast

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    Did you really have to bring up this dead thread? Someone should ban you, you're obviously a spammer.

    I got StraightTalk in my iPhone a month ago. You don't need a turbo sim or anything. I get 4G (HPSA+) speeds with my iPhone 4S as well. As they are an MVNO, they have the same coverage as AT&T for the iPhone. I agree, it's a complete bargain and I am very satisfied with it, that was unnecessary to bring up this thread....

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    if you have a att iphone 4s you are correct you dont need a turbo sim, sprint and verizon iphone 4s u do need a turbo sim to unlock the phone,i have an iphone 4s from sprint so i had to get a turbo sim, soon as i got the turbo sim the sam unlock came about for free where now as long as i keep my sim from straight talk i have a software based unlock for life, 8 minutes after i sam unlocked my phone apple closed the activation server that was hacked using this method so my wife still has to use a turbo sim with sprint iphone 4s, sucks for her but still works great!!!! hands down straight talk is the best mvno company out there hands down. blazing 3g data speeds no contract and unlimited talk and text and web.

    and no im not a spammer i was on the internet looking for something else when i saw your post thought i could be helpful to your questions, im self taught pro with all ios devices, if you need help im here to help
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    Be nice, both of you.

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    So that means I don't need the Gevey ultra s either right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolatesmurf View Post
    So that means I don't need the Gevey ultra s either right?
    No, you will not need a Gevey Ultra S or any other type of unlocking chip. Simply insert the micro-SIM, go to in Safari and install the StraightTalk profile (very easy). Then, you'll have voice, SMS, and 4G HPSA+ data. I haven't got MMS to work yet, but I don't really use it all that much anyway. If you can get past MMS, I think ST is a total bargain with the iPhone!

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