In China,there is an iphone 4s model could insert CDMA& gsm sim card,also it can support evdo(cave mode),voice & msg. it's a verizon model 4s,in China the carrier Chinatelecom has no ota,but sim card in cdma2000,also it's not the partner of apple.
this phone can insert all of cdma gsm wcdma cards(also att t-mobile may not support,we didn't insert these carrier's sim cards),how it works?
we know the cdma network need akey imsi esn also evdo need an/aaa ,verizon phones can work in metro pcs,but no data,
if we get the akey imsi esn an/aaa of oter carrier(metro or pcs & etc.),get it to a cdma card, we can use the other network?
verizon iphone unlock could not support att &t-m,but in this phone ,is it ture?I have no att or t-m I don't know this phone could do it.

some guys told to me that this phone is baseband changed,I also don't know if it's true because I can't link the iphone 4s to qpst by any serial cables.

How it works?this is the question!