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Thread: Verizon iPhone 4 on metro pcs

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    So I have my Verizon iPhone 4 flashed to metroPCS but no web not MMS. It's on YouTube people have fully flashed the iPhone to metro with 1X standard metro web, and MM but they never explain how. Does anyone know what needs to do to reach the fully flashed features?

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    i need help, i dialed *22804 to download the metro pcs prl and now i have decided to just go with verizon but when i try to activate the device, it connects to metro pcs instead of verizon, any way of reversing the process?

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    Smile Flashing a Phone | Legal or illegal?
    I was passing by this forum and I noticed few people in here stating that Flashing an iPhone is illegal - obviously, these people have absolutelly no idea of what "Flashing" means in computer terms and what is legal or illegal so I decided to take my time to explain it for all

    In Computer Sciences, EPROM stands for Erasable Programable Read Only Memory. In the old times, when a circuit using a processor, need a place for storing information or the program itself, this was stored on an EPROM. As the technology advanced, then were necessary faster and bigger storages and the EPROM was replaced by the FLASH memory

    The act for copying a program to an EPROM was called "Programming an EPROM" when the Flash Memory was introduced to the technology, the same procedure was called "Flashing" - Actually, if you ever updated the BIOS on a computer, you are actually flashing the BIOS if it is made of a Flash Memory

    If Programming or Flashing were illegal, Motorla, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, VIA, Intel etc and all engineers and technicians in the world, were serving time in prison because programs need to be copied to "chips" to make them usable.

    If at this point, you don't know what is Flashing, then don't bother with reading the next because you will never know

    Installing a software on a computer is "Installing" - doing exactly the same thing on a phone, is "Flashing" and this is why phones use flash memory instead of a hard drive - Thin Client Computers, tablets, etc use CF Cards, Solid State drives etc so you may be flashing if you are installing a software on a device that uses a Flash Memory


    Flashing or installing is not illegal - For example, you buy a computer with Windows 7, format the hard drive and install Linux Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat etc. If your computer has any hardware problem, such bad hard drive etc, you still covered by the warranty but the software is not covered anyways

    Phones are no around since ~1998, all what you see today are computers, they are called Smart Phones, iPhones, Blackberries etc but they are technically classified as computers

    Wipe the operating system on a phone, is not illegal for as long as the phone is yours or you have permission from the owner and of course, the new operating system is distributed for free or you have legally purchased it.

    Let's say for example that I am a computer programmer and I am bore so I decided to create an operating system to replace the Apple on my iPhone and then I post it on the internet for everyone to use for free as all versions of Linux - That doesn't violate any law and it is not illegal because there is no law that prohibit that a programmer can create an operating system for a computer, a toaster or a phone

    Flashing your own phone is not the same as lowering the miles on your car and is not the same as cloning a phone etc

    Flashing, programming, installing or whatever is called the act of copying a software to a computer device is not illegal at all

    Switching form one cellular provider to another is not illegal either

    As a matter of fact, not a while ago, MetroPCS was flashing phones for free to people to switch to them


    Now, reverse engineering any car, computer, phone, toaster etc without the permission from the manufacturer, is illegal all the way
    Piracy is illegal, cloning phones is illegal too




    Planting, saling or smoking Marihuana is illegal because there is a law that prohibits that but there is no law that says that flashing a phone is illegal


    If you still don't know what is "Flashing" and what is legal or illegal, you may never know

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    Actually, it is illegal now in the US. The act of flashing itself is not illegal, but the reason people flash is to unlock the phone so it can work on another network, and that is illegal on a brand new phone purchased after some cutoff date which was maybe during the end of January? Used phones and new phones purchased prior to the cutoff date are legal to unlock, but not brand new under-contract phones purchased after the cutoff date.

    Even then, I think law enforcement has better things to do than go after an individual unlocking his/her own phone.

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    Cool Flashing a Phone | Legal or illegal?
    And that law that you are mentioning without a name or date, will make illegal to swap sim cards on GSM phones?

    With all my respect sir, you are watching too much SCFY.

    When you make the smart decision of buying a GSM phone, you can freely switch from carrier to carrier hunting for the best deal. When you make the wrong decision of buying a CDMA phone, you don't have the ability to just change the sim card with all the information inside. You need to flash the phone in order to change the information that GSM store on a sim card but CDMA store on a flash memory permanently attached to the circuit board of the phone

    So, both procedures are the same but according to you and your supposed law that will be passed sometime, changing carriers on CDMA phones is illegal while it is not on GSM phones?

    Please, don't confuse yourself and don't let anyone to confuse you. There is nothign illegal about changing to the carrier who is offering the best deal regardless if you want to call it flash etc

    For example: Two individuals are walking on the brige from Canada to US. One has a US passport, the other doesn't. The fact that some people cross the bridge to enter into the US illegally, doesn't make everyone else with US passport, guilty of anything

    So, the fact that someone flash a stolen phone. Doesn't make illegal for the legal owner of a phone to flash his device just to change to a carrier that is offering a better deal --- And this is why you can't name any law that state that because simply, that law doesn't exist

    Is a pain to change carriers if you handcuffed yourself by buying a CDMA instead of a GSM is a fact. Trying to make a GSM with a CDMA phone is not illegal but is is stupid because it takes all the effort in the world and is much easier to just get a GSM which give you the freedom to switch from one provider to other as easier as swapping the sim card

    As a matter of fact, Apple is still selling unlocked brand new iPhones 4 from about $450 - The initial cost looks expensive but a two years contract with Verizon, cost you more than a $100 per month so after 24 months, you have paid $2,400 or more

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    Sorry, I don't know what's SCFY?
    You must be outside the USA, because this was all over the news here, all over our web-based news and all over the national network TV news, even reported on local news. It IS illegal to make any changes to software (i.e. flashing) that unlocks a phone so that it can work on a different network than originally intended. And yes, it is illegal to unlock GSM phones too!

    ABC News
    It's Now Illegal to Unlock Your Cellphone - ABC News

    CBS News
    Unauthorized unlocking of smartphones becomes illegal Saturday - CBS News

    NBC News
    Petition to Legalize Cellphone Unlocking Tops 100,000 Signatures - Technology & science - Tech and gadgets - TechNewsDaily | NBC News

    Also on the EFF site.

    Just search Google and you will find the results. The law has already been passed, and the cutoff date was Jan 26.
    As the EFF site states, it violates DMCA. Therefore, it doesn't have to make sense because laws dealing with the DMCA seldom do.

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    You can legally buy a brand new unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple, then get a sim card from the provider of your chaoice and if that were illegal, then Apple is the first illegally selling unlocked phones

    Learn more about the unlocked iPhone

    On a CDMA phone, the information is not stored on a sim card that you can replace, it is on a flash memory permanently attached to the circuit board of the phone so you need to flash it to change the information on it - there is no law that you can named that prohibits that

    The rest is SCFY and water on the Budweiser

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    Well, of course if you buy an unlocked phone it's not illegal to unlock because it is already unlocked!
    Also, CDMA phones are locked by MSL code. Master Subsidy Lock.

    It is illegal to unlock a LOCKED phone unless the carrier permits you to do so, and that is a fact. Why don't you do some reading before spreading more misinformation.

    Also still don't know why SCFY means, that some kind of inside joke?

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    Both conditions are required in order for you to unlock or flash a phone without worries about legal matters
    a) You must be the legal owner of the phone
    b) You must pay for the service with your new carrier

    Once you complete your contract or pay the early termination fee, you are the legal owner of the phone - it is yours, you have paid for it. You are also paying for you new carrier and there is absolutely no law that you can named that prohibits you from flashing, burning or donating your phone

    It is very simple, if you are so sure that something is illegal, why you can't name the exact law? The rest is Science fiction

    Anyways, is much easier to buy a brand new GSM iPhone from Apple, rather than flashing a CDMA that is good only for a particular carrier - You can find new GSM phones from less than $50 so CDMA is not even good for trash because it is considered as a hazardous waste - the best thing that you can do with it is to donate it to the police for the domestic violence victims because it still be able to dialing 911 even if it is not connected to any carrier

    I encourage you to reply with the exact name of the law from the US Code or Florida Statutes that prohibits the owner of a phone to change carriers - Remember, flashing phones or swapping the sim is done only for changing carriers. If you do it for committing a crime, then the crime makes it illegal and not the act of changing carriers

    So, changing cellular carriers and/or shopping for the best deal on cellular services is not illegal - Crossing the US Border without Visa is illegal SO WHAT, there are many people hoping for Obama to turn the illegals into legal and a bunch of other people are sure that the Marihuana will be legal and still smoking and distributing it on schools etc - that's very illegal my friend, flashing your own phone to switch to another provider is not

    Many other practices against consumers are illegal such for the Budweiser to tamper the beer by adding water so they can make more profit - SO WHAT?

    I have a GSM iPhone, no need for flashing it so I don't need the name of your supposed law - You are the one who need to ask for your money back to whomever told you about that law because such law simply doesn't exists

    This looks like a joke, all kind of drugs such marihuana are distributed even on the schools, Budweise add water to the beer, of illegal immigrants is full this country, people drive without insurance, license etc but switching carriers to get more competitive priced is illegal and Fox News, ABC, etc are talking of a law that doesn't exists

    Tell me the true - is this a joke? You have to be kidding me

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    I guess you didn't read the links, a few of them linked to the exact law at the Federal Register site.
    CFR: 37 CFR 201
    Agency/Docket Number: Docket No. 2011-7
    Document Number: 2012-26308
    See section III.C. Wireless Telephone Handsets—Interoperability With Alternative Networks

    This has nothing to do with changing carriers. It has to do with circumventing the carrier lock on your phone so that it can connect to a different carrier, or in other words, the physical act of UNLOCKING a LOCKED phone. Read the EFF link. It explains the basis of the law in layman's terms. EFF would not get it wrong, one of the EFF's purpose is fighting stupid laws, so they know the law. According to EFF, "unlocking a phone bought after January 26 without your carrier's permission violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) whether the phone is under contract or not." So yes, it doesn't matter even if your contract is up! Unlocking falls under DMCA's definition of circumventing a digital lock: 'The DMCA prohibits "circumventing" digital locks that "control access" to copyrighted works like movies, music, books, games, and software.'

    So there you have it. To argue there is no such law is to argue against facts.

    And yes, it is a stupid law, it sounds like it should be a joke, but it's not. Why do you think there are so many petitions against it? It's an idiotic law, but just because a law is too stupid to sound real doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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    Cool Is legal for the owner of a phone to pick and switch to the carrier of his choice

    My friend, we are saying same thing - The law doesn't says that the owner of a phone is not allow to pick the carrier of his choice

    On GSM this is done by changing the SIM card while on a CDMA, the information need to be changed on a flash memory that is permanently attached to the circuit board of the phone - this is always called as "Flashing" and mistakenly associated to illegal

    Unlocking, Flashing or simply be in possession of a stolen phone is illegal

    Here is the difference, if a person has a contract and walk away from it, that person is not the owner of the legal owner of the phone - same as when you are financing a car and stop making payments

    In my case, I have many CDMA phones from previous contracts that of course I have paid and for that reason I am the legal owner of those devices. I've donated few to the police so they can be used by victim of domestic violence etc and I still have some Blackberries, one Nextel and a broken CDMA iPhone form Verizon that is also paid in full

    I am entiled to pick the provider of my choice such Metro-PCS and flash my old Verison or Sprint Blackberry to Metro-PCS in the front of any police station - because I am the legal owner of my device and I am getting Metro-PCS in the legal way

    Conclusion: Flashing/Unlocking a phone is not illegal - circunveying the contract and keep the equipment that isn't yours is illegal with phones, DirecTV, Comcast, Chevy, Ford etc

    But - You go to a Russian web site, and for $6 you can unlock any phone regardless the contract. ....and people are driving without license insurance, working without green card, selling marihuana and all kind of drugs in schools and everywhere, selling stolen goods on Craig's List - Budweiser is adding water to the beer - A company who was researched on Solar Energy just went out of business after taking many million of dollars form the government and

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    I saw the law as everyone else but what I am trying to say is that Unlock/Flash a phone still not illegal for as long as you are the owner of the phone and you are not doing that in order to get cellular services without paying for it.

    First of all, there is no need today for flashing a phone because there are many Phone Apps that you can download even for gree and for as long as you have WIFI, you have a free phone regardless if it is unlocked or not

    But let's say that after Jan 26, I buy an iPhone directly from Apple or a phone from China or from Russia etc, I am free of flashing, locking or unlocking that phone as many times as I want without the permission of any carrier and still not illegal because I am the owner of that phone - not the carrier

    A person buy a stolen iPhone or a Russian phone from eBay, Craig's List etc and I flash/unlock a stolen phone, that was and still illegal regardless of the new law

    A person gets a phone from ATT as easier as signing and walk away with the marvel of the day. Of course, after signing for 2 years contract. After the first payment, the person realized that he or she just made a mistake with signing the contract but want's to keep the marvel of the day, same thing happens with the house, the luxury car, boat etc. Flash that phone that still property of ATT was and still illegal before and after the new law because you are not flashing your own phone, you are flashing ATT's phone

    Yes, you got the phone for free or for $1 - so why it is locked? Did they gave you a paper stating that the phone is yours for free? Welcome to the real world, I used to believe in Santa Claus when I was 7 years old. You aren't the owner of the phone and flashing it is illegal

    Do you have a contract that state that after two years, you are the owner of the phone? If the contract says so, then you can freely flash the phone as many times as you want after your contract is over but not earlier because you are not the owner of the contract

    You signed a contract that do not state that the phone is yours after the end of the contract, and after 2 years of paying for it, you will realize that you are their slave and of course, you can't flash the phone because it is illegal even when you have paid for it - Why you signed that contract in the first place? Did they put you a gung on your head? You were drinking Budweiser with water? What's wrong with you? You need a flash but no the phone, you need to flash your brain

    The real joke is such a big deal about that law while illegal immigrants are driving and walking and living an working in this country in the front of the police and everything and "SO WHAT"

    Hey, don't get me wrong - I am not discriminating anyone, I was born in Rio de Janeiro and am back as the asphalt but I get here legally and I am very offended because why was so hard for me to get the Visa when others just jump the border and noting happens

    My friend, I am the owner of my phone and is not illegal for me under any law in the US, to flash my phone - I am not aware of the law in Brazil because I left there many many years ago

    You can read that law as many times as you want and when you finish, you will shake my hand and say to me: Traducao, you are right, there is nothing wrong with flashing your phone if you are the owner of it

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    Ok, this is the actual law and not my own interpretation - judge by yourself

    Proponents made only a cursory attempt to respond to Vernor and failed to offer relevant agreements to support their view of software ownership. CTIA, by contrast, cited agreements from several major carriers in an effort to demonstrate that the software on the mobile handsets is licensed, rather than sold, to a phone's owner.

    “NTIA does not support the notion that it is an appropriate alternative for a current device owner to be required to purchase another device to switch carriers.”

    The Register concluded after a review of the statutory factors that an exemption to the prohibition on circumvention of mobile phone computer programs to permit users to unlock “legacy” phones is both warranted and unlikely to harm the market for such programs. At the same time, in light of carriers' current unlocking policies and the ready availability of new unlocked phones in the marketplace, the record did not support an exemption for newly purchased phones. Looking to precedents in copyright law, the Register recommended that the class designated by the Librarian include a 90-day transitional period to allow unlocking by those who may acquire phones shortly after the new exemption goes into effect.

    I was not able to find the part that prohibits the owner of a phone to flash the device to switch providers

    However, if you buy something that isn't "sold" to you, just "licensed" under certain conditions - in other words, a handcuff to a carrier then the problem is not just flashing the phone, it is flashing your brain for signing such contracts

    The law is not stupid, it is an attempt to protect carriers or subsidiary of phones that people get and then don't pay for it - they failed with doing it with technology and now they try to do it with law but that doesn't work on that way because it is good just for raising the prices of unlocking phones that is now done by legal companies who pay taxes and later it will be done by people aside of the law - Cocaine is more expensive than unlocking a phone illegally and people buy it anyways

    Thnik on that, Laws are only for honest people because criminals laugh about them and nothing happens - legal or illegal, phones will be flashed until carriers come with more competitive prices and less abussive contracts or with an alien technology that prevents that

    For the time it be, still legal for me to flash my phone to the carrier of my choice and a law that prohibits that, simply doesn't exists - instead, the law says that there is no need for me to buy a phone each time I switch providers

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    Default Still legal for the owner of a phone, to switch to the carrier of his choice

    I put a lot of thinking on this and I spoke to several people including a friend who is a lawyer and a police officer and of course regular people. The source of this and many other problems is nothing but the way in which "marketing" advertise things. If they advertise a free phone with a 2 years contract in TV, newspaper etc such DirecTV advertise $29.99 per month, then people will buy things believing that and will be hard for a police officer to enforce a law against people who have been victim of false advertisements

    More wrong is to continue with those unfair practices and pushing for creating laws to handcuff the consumer to their abusive contracts. Especially when such laws will be good only to justify the additional fuel that they are putting on illegal companies who will charge more and will be the only way for a consumer to switch to a more competitive carrier

    According to a retired police officer who served on the force for more than 30 years, the law is very clear. 55 MPH, if you do 56, then you are speeding. Same thing goes with the court and judges, if you are guilty of speeding because you were going at 56 on a 55 area, you are guilty of speeding and you will pay the fee.

    Contradictory and controversial laws such the one from the City of New York for legalizing small amounts of marijuana, are only good to fuel the traffic of marijuana which is illegal - if you can't sell marijuana, why you are allow to have a small amount for your own use? Where you get it from?

    A much better practice for subsidiaries of phones, will be to advertise it on the real way and not as the regular false advertisement of "Free Phone" - If I go to the court, with an advertisement of "Free Phone" and my carrier shows a contract full of small fonts stating that it isn't free, then the court will have a very hard time to find out what is right or wrong

    Conclusion, is very wrong to adopt abusive practices full of false advertisements and then rely on the system of justice to back you up - on the other hand, our system of justice have limited resources and dedicating their resourced that are designated to protect the safety of the community to see who is unlocking a phone is very wrong and bad for all of us

    On the other hand, web sites and companies who are doing that today in the US territory paying taxes, web hosting and contributing to our own economy, will stay in business overseas where US has no jurisdiction - for instance in Russia or China and at the end, the misinterpretation of this law will cause the contrary effect on all of us who are suffering the effects of a damaged economy

    As of today, 03/02/2013 there is no law in the US that prevents me from unlocking/flash a phone that I own - it can't be because violates the basis of Private Property - that law may exists on a Socialist country etc but not in Brazil or US

    If that law ever exists, there will be tons of companies in Mexico, Canada, China, Russia etc where US don't have jurisdiction and you can either access their web site or ship your phone to them so it can get flashed. A company in here can work with a small inventory so you can trade your locked phone with them for an unlocked one and it will be perfectly legal aside of the law but with the difference that the US consumer is now paying to a company in Mexico, Canada, China, Russia etc for what can be done in US legally and paying taxes

    More illegal than unlocking a phone, is to import pirate iPhones from China - Romney wanted to fight those unfair practices against our economy but you guys didn't let him to do it. Now it is more wrong by pretending that the system of justice to backup carriers that are enforcing abusive contracts

    And yes, I am an immigrant, I was born in Rio de Janeiro and I speak broken English and I am black as the asphalt as my eyes are black and my neck is black too but I am defending the integrity of this nation as many Americans don't do, I am defending the freedom of the basis of this country not disobeying the laws and not to acting against the community as many Americans do - I will flash my own phone because it is my private property and if anyone wants to send me the swat team to arrest me, I will do the same as I leave the jail and if I get deported to Brazil, I will keep doing it in Brazil for those who want to defent their rights

    I am not saying that the law is stupid, I respect all laws and I will never call stupid any law in this country - I am saying that there is absolutelly no law that prohibit the owner of a phone to switch providers - well, if I need to flash the phone in order to switch providers and flashing phones become illegal, then they are the ones who are trying to circunvey the law not me

    Guys, wakeup -you don't need to wait for a guy to come from Brazil to defend your rights and the basis of this nation in broken English - there is a lot of blood from many of your ancestors spread everywhere in this country for your freedom and rights - you know English better than me, read the law and write to the politicians that you have elected, that's a privilege that many people on other countries don't have - you don't need to die for that - Wakeup or live your life as slave of abusive practices against you that are trying to find a way to circunvey the law to support their wrong

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    Uh, yeah, I think you may have strayed a bit...
    Anyway, it's illegal because the exemption making it legal has been removed. We have this very broad law called the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) in which almost everything that can be claimed as a copyright violation is illegal, so we have to poke holes in it with exemptions making certain things legal. There was no new law ADDED that makes unlocking illegal, there was an exemption REMOVED making unlocking no longer legal, which is why the law is worded as you mentioned.

    If you need more proof it's illegal:
    Cell Phone Unlocking Ban: FCC To Investigate Law Following Successful Petition (VIDEO)
    100,000+ people would not sign a petition for a law that doesn't exist, and the FCC wouldn't be investigating a law if it doesn't exist.

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    Cool Still legal for the owner of a phone to unlock it - I will explain you why
    Is not illegal for a provider such AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc to unlock the phone that you have purchased from them, so the act of unlocking a phone is not illegal

    The part that you still don't understand is the concept of ownership and private property in the United States of America according to its constitution. I am sure that you don't need a guy to come here from Brazil to explain you in broken English, why is not illegal for the owner of a phone to unlock it and what you are confusing from your own laws

    Let's say that you buy a phone from AT&T and you sign a contract for two years, at the end of the contract, you ask them to unlock the phone from you. According to you, the new law will prevent AT&T to unlock the phone. Well, that's totally incorrect, because still perfectly legal for AT&T to unlock that phone at any time they want - Unlocking means removing the lock that AT&T set on the phone to protect their investment - Yes, you didn't paid for the phone at front, AT&T purchased that phone and gave you the chance to pay for it little by little so they can make it easier for you - Why do you think that the early termination fee exists?

    You do anything to circumvent the contract and that's illegal - more likely is in the civil part of the law, unless another law criminalize the act of "unlocking phones without the owner's permission" - in this example, the owner is AT&T

    A different thing will be and again, it depends on the contract. If the contract is licensing the phone to you instead of giving you the ownership of it after the end of the contract. In that case, you can't flash, unlock or do anything with that phone other than what is specified in the contract - simply, because isn't your phone. Again, it is all about ownership

    Let say that I have a contract with AT&T that state that in December 31 2014 at the end of my contract, I am the owner of the phone. Is legal for AT&T to unlock my phone after 12/31/2014? What about if AT&T wants to charge me $500 for unlocking my phone after 12/31/2014 but Best Buy charge me $20 for the same service? So, it is not about unlocking phones, it is with doing it without the permission from AT&T (Which is the owner of the phone)

    What about Apple selling unlocked phones from their web site? You still don't get it? It is not the act of unlocking a phone, it is about OWNERSHIP

    The most common example of illegal unlocking is when a person buy a phone from AT&T and sign a two years contract for ~$100 per month, after 6 months, T-Mobile offers a plan for just $10 per month - the person unlock that phone and hook it to T-Mobile. What just happened is that a person is unloking a phone that he or she hasn't paid for it.
    But let's say, that the person calls AT&T and pays the "early termination fee" and AT&T unlock that phone. That's not illegal my friend because the low doesn't prohibit the act of unlocking a phone, it prohibits the act of unlocking a phone only when it is done without the permission of the "OWNER" which in this example is AT&T

    If you still thinking that Santa Claus exists, nothing will convence yo to the contrary but the fact is that nothing can prevent AT&T from removing the lock that they set on the phone in order to secure their investment

    Same thing goes with almost everything such when you buy a car and the lien holder place a lien on the title so you can't sale it until you finish with the contract. You alter the title or any other smart idea to circunvey the contract and you are in deep problems with the law, you cross the state line and it becomes a Federal offense

    You can keep confusing yourself all you want but the fact is that it is not about unlocking phones, it is about ownership - This is not the Soviet Union, at least no yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traducao View Post
    Is not illegal for a provider such AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile etc to unlock the phone that you have purchased from them, so the act of unlocking a phone is not illegal
    Uh, I never said it was illegal for a provider to unlock the phone. Don't know where you're pulling that out of.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traducao View Post
    The part that you still don't understand is the concept of ownership and private property in the United States of America according to its constitution. I am sure that you don't need a guy to come here from Brazil to explain you in broken English, why is not illegal for the owner of a phone to unlock it and what you are confusing from your own laws
    It sounds like you think you understand the law a lot better than 114,000 petition signers, the press, just about every news and tech website, and even a White House staffer who is backing the petition against a law that you say does not exist.

    Maybe you should explain it to all these lost souls who clearly do not know as much about the law as you do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GnatGoSplat View Post
    Uh, I never said it was illegal for a provider to unlock the phone. Don't know where you're pulling that out of.

    It sounds like you think you understand the law a lot better than 114,000 petition signers, the press, just about every news and tech website, and even a White House staffer who is backing the petition against a law that you say does not exist.

    Maybe you should explain it to all these lost souls who clearly do not know as much about the law as you do.

    As of January 26, consumers will no longer be able unlock their phones for use on a different network without carrier permission, even after their contract has expired.

    Once your contract is fulfilled, you can call your carrier and tell them you would like to travel abroad and you would like to use your phone and if they will unlock it for you... I have done this on numerous occasions and they have always been willing to unlock the phone... Now I have been with the carrier for over 10 years so they know im not unlocking my phone to jump ship...

    This law has nothing to do with owner ship or contract status as its clearly states... its all about getting permission from your carrier... the only time ive been denied to unlock a phone is when I signed up with a new carrier for a friend who had bad credit (long story) but they didn't know that... about 3 months after we started service/contract, carrier said no that I would have to wait till the contract was fulfilled.

    Everyone is taking this new "law" (actually removal of exclusion to a law that has existed for years) way out of context... it is in fact not illegal to unlock a phone, provided you have permission from the carrier... Its very simple people, call your provider and ask them for permission I don't see why they would say no unless you just signed up for service with them, but at that point that's your bad for not shopping around and getting with the carrier you truly desired... but who in their right mind signs up to a carrier just for the free phone then jumps ship immediately... just sign up for service with the carrier you really want... I know back in the day iphone was only available for att but now just about every carrier has iphones...
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