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Thread: Verizon iPhone 4 on metro pcs

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    MetroPCS supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), as does Cricket, so they will add it for you.

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    thats what i thought but they wont. they told me "we cant do anything with any PDA device" i have the iphone4. they also said "when they plug in any devices to houdini their system shuts down haha.

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    Sounds like you might have to just have them add the MEID and program it manually. I think there are a few Youtube videos for that. Yeah, I don't think their Houdinisoft will touch it.

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    yeah thats exactly what i need to do. but its easier said than done.. getting the MEID added is like mission impossible.

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    Can you just call and say, "I'd like to do an ESN change", give them the new MEID, then hang up? I do this with Verizon and they don't usually ask questions, they just do it.
    Or maybe get more aggressive with them... say, "JUST ADD IT, DAMMIT! I'll worry about getting it working!"

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    nah when i called cust serv, they rep told me she needs a ESN that ALL numbers NO LETTERS between 11-18 characters. she then told me to take it to corporate store.. going to try back again hopefully i get a different rep

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    Wow, that CSR is dumb, the system should be able to take the MEID in either hex or decimal.
    I think you could convert the MEID from hex to decimal with one of the various converters. Here's one I found on Google:
    MEID Converter - Free MEID and ESN conversion tool

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    thanks i appreciate your help im goin to call them in 10 mins..ill report back.

    nope they still wont activate the phone.
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    Found this thread on HowardForums, maybe it will help?
    *NEW: Need your ESN Added to MetroPCS'es Inventory? Need Your Phone Flashed by a Pro?
    If that link is not allowed and gets edited out, take a look at the sticky threads in the MetroPCS forums there.

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    half the people on that list dont even pick up or disconnected.

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    Sorry, I'm at a loss. I did find a person who offered to add someone's ESN to the MetroPCS database.
    A Few Questions.. MSL, Downgrades, etc..
    2nd post from bottom.
    Maybe you can PM him? His profile showed he was last on that forum yesterday, so maybe he will reply.

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    can this be done to use an iphone with virgin mobile?

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    hey people, i recieved my min and mdn, i want to know what to do next. plz help

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    If you need your iphone vzw switched to metro pcs call me
    3134442023 ask for max

    Quote Originally Posted by itsfun View Post
    Can anyone add esn to metroPCS's inventory??
    Yes... Call me 3134442023
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    Quote Originally Posted by habibur1990 View Post
    hey people, i recieved my min and mdn, i want to know what to do next. plz help
    You can't manually program the NAM on the iPhones as of yet. So once you have the iPhones MEID in the MetroPCS database you will need to make sure that another phone is on your account. The reason being is that you can only OTA to program the NAM settings.

    NAM = MDN + MIN

    If you need further help let me know and I can put a different device on your account until you *228 the iPhone.

    By the way has anyone been able to connect using virtual serial port and actual read anything?

    Another thing is, I believe if someone knows how to make custom IPSWs that maybe I can help them implement the MetroPCS settings into the iPhone.

    If im wrong someone please let me know.

    And yes I do flash for a living and feel free to ask me for help with anything flash related.

    Thank You

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    Default Prl Update
    I followed instruction on how to make the VZM to Metro Prl update. But now when I dial *228 nothing happens and call drops. I also need to add my MEID to Metro Please help..

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    from what I've read/seen...all you have to do is find someone with a metro pcs dealer account that's willing to put your iphone on metro. from there, just dial *22804 and download the new roaming lists and you have service. there's no way as of right now to get data on there unless it's wifi.

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    Post Flash Iphone 4 to Metro
    There is a way to Flash a verizon iphone 4 to metro with all the features (talk, text, web, and pic message)im trying to find out how to do it so if anyone know how to do it, let me know, it would be real helpful.

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    Default what exactly did you do ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Maveraver View Post
    It's very possible. And waqataq has it correct. But it will void apple warranty. I.annia it not only useful on wifi for Internet. You just have to do more tweakin on it. Metro can't do it you gotta fix the Internet yourself. But it can be done. Mine works great
    Wait so you connected an iphone from verizon to metro? and you got the internet to work? how did you do this? i really need some help lol

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    I paid for a full flash (verizon iphone4 to metro) got my phone back and had 3g, mms, talk, and text. so everything worked fine. Then in the car on the way home my iphone said searching at the top for 5 min nothing changed. so i turned it off and back on then had service again still everything worked. Then 10 minutes later my 3g went to the little roaming circle and hasnt changed since yesterday but i still have mms and web just not 3g then later on i had no web or mms and i havent changed anything. i have rebooted since then and same thing. what happened to my 3g?

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