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Thread: [Project] Tracfone for iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adomis63 View Post
    As for the "sim failure / invalid sim" messages, i never get those anymore and if it isnt the baseband i'm not entirely sure why.
    I think it's great news for you that you don't see those error messages anymore. I could not do anything to make them go away when I did things like reinserting my TF sim and toggling airplane mode. Since it appears that our phones were identical in setup, unlocking your sim pin may have done something significant. Have you noticed if it behaves differently in your TF phone?

    I noticed (and noted in the detail documents) that whenever the error message appeared, the sim's ICCID number shown in Settings>General>About would disappear and nothing else would happen, almost like the error appearing activates a sim blocking system. A restart, network settings reset, or insertion of a genuine at&t sim are the only three things (that I noted in details) that would "reset" the sim blocking system. If you aren't seeing the error messages, it's as if the block isn't being activated. From the detail documents I would pay particular attention to toggling airplane mode and using the dial 112 method to see if you can get "Searching..." to appear as this is what your TF sim needs to connect to at&t (I presume your TF sim is using at&t right? It is if the serial number starts with 890141).

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    Yes, my sim card is at&t. I checked that before i started to make sure it was the right one. The only differences that i have seen in my tracfone is that it takes longer to find service when i turn it on (verify service maybe?) and the sim app is locked because of the way i unlocked my sim. I have also used the inserting an official at&t card for the reset and restarting the phone for a reset also, however i no longer get the messages so i cant really experiment with that. I do get the "searching" in the corner after toggling airplane mode but it goes back to "no service" after a few seconds. I know i get service here in my tracfone. I havent actually done the 112 stuff yet because I wasnt sure what the number would do considering its a european emergeny service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adomis63 View Post
    I do get the "searching" in the corner after toggling airplane mode but it goes back to "no service" after a few seconds.
    Again I think this is good progress because normally in order for an iPhone to say "Searching..." when you toggle airplane mode or put the sim in the first time it needs to have a genuine at&t sim or it's got to be unlocked (Your phone is still at&t locked right? i.e. you never installed ultrasn0w unlock or got an unlock code).

    The dial 112 method that the video poster mentioned is taken from the Gevey sim unlock instructions. I found nothing about using the method if you don't have a Gevey sim and I even had experts on the forum tell me again and again that they've only seen the method used with Gevey sim. I did it countless times when I was trying and as long as you end the call before it connects you will be fine because the iPhone interprets worldwide emergency numbers as a local emergency number regardless of your location. I would always be sure to end the call no later than 5 seconds after pressing "call". Even 5 seconds seemed a bit too long sometimes so I would start with 3 second intervals.

    You also could try duplicating the video poster's exact procedure, where he has his TF sim in his TF and then he removes the battery with the phone still on and transfers his sim to his iPhone. Then you see that his iPhone chimes and shows a blank red notification symbol before "Searching..." begins soon enough.

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    Sorry to bring up an old thread. I'm very interested in making this happen. I just want the iphone to work with tracfone just to make calls or send test messages using the tracfone mins.

    How would I change the iphone apn to tracfone apn settings using I seen one video he typed int att.mvno, would I have to type tracfone.mvno or just use att.mvno?

    Also does the Iphone 3g have to be unlocked and jailbroken? Will make the iphone unlocked, or would I have to do a different method to unlock the Iphone.

    I will be trying many tricks and steps to get the tracfone working on the iphone.

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    Unfortunately I may not be the person to ask concerning anybody's further questions about this topic. Although I would have liked to get this to work, even if I had figured it out, I would have since upgraded to Straight Talk prepaid because I simply needed more talk and text.

    However, I can answer your basic questions...
    Basically with, the website creates a file for you to install on your iPhone that automatically updates the APN settings on your phone. If your phone is not jailbroken (which, if you are following the video method, it shouldn't be jailbroken or unlocked), this is the only way to update your APN settings because the APN settings menu (that you said you saw in a video) only shows up when you have a jailbroken iPhone.

    Thus, if your phone is not jailbroken, the file is supposed to change the APN to "att.mvno", which corresponds to the appropriate APN for similar MVNOs like Tracfone.

    As far as jailbreaking and unlocking goes, it appears (and the video poster says that) the proof of concept video ("iPhone 3G on Tracfone service - YouTube") is taking the approach of NOT having either a jailbreak or unlock aside from the installation, which, technically is not an unlock at all, but simply an APN setting. However, I did extensive research and asked on this forum in the past about the 06.15.00 baseband (iPad baseband) that the video poster's iPhone 3G has, and it was clear that the only way to get this on your phone is to jailbreak it with redsn0w with 4.1 firmware or later and check the "Install iPad baseband" option. Then, by following the video method once again, restore the phone to 3.0 firmware and use the free application TinyUmbrella to bypass iTunes error 1015 to allow the restore.

    As far as whether or not this is what the video poster actually did I don't know, nor do I think anybody knows, including the video poster. The last comment he posted on his video is...

    To everyone who wants to know how I did it and if it works for any other iPhones I have no idea I think it was some kind of glitch the iPhone had because once I deleted the apn and reinstalled it the iPhone would no longer work with that sim but if I happen to make another iPhone work with that then I'll post the vid
    Based on all the attempts I made, I think it may very well be possible that there really was a "glitch" with the video poster's method that does not occur normally and thus, other people that try it are going to be unsuccessful.

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    The only thing I would want is the 90 day service you get from the tracfone that straight talk doesn't offer at the same price tracfone does.

    I really appreciate your reply and input and I even asked the original video poster the same question but he hasn't replied to the message.

    I assume the only way to get it to work is to go with the Straghttalk BYOP bring your own phone plan.

    I'm not a big talker or texter so I'm looking for the cheapest plan, I can find and tracfone had really good service in my area with no dropped calls.

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