i just saw the keynote from apple. they are making an app store for macs: i was thinking saurik should hop on this, along with jailbreak devs and create a cydia for mac. i guarantee the app store on the mac will have strict rules for apps. if they were to make a cydia for mac you could possibly have just as big of a hacking/modding base as the iDevices.

considering the base of jailbreak is obtaining root access, and you obviously have root access on your computer, then you should be able to create a secondary store with the freedom of cydia. also with this development you could have it install the same way (just like the app store), which way more people would like.

please say what you think about this in the comments, I really hope this is possible.

if this happens steve jobs may just break out in butt hurt tears on stage who doesnt want to see that?!