Hello my friends.

My case is this.

I used to have an unlocked and fully functional iPhone with firmware 1.1.3, but one of my friends upgrade it to firmware 1.1.4 accidentally... suddenly it stoped to work... it cant make calls anymore and wi fi is broken to.

I dont know how to unlock the iPhone cuz from the begining it was given to me previously unlocked. I have been investigating and i find that the unlock process is made with an app called ziphone, and the newest version of ziphone (version 3) can fix this problem, but first i have to downgrade the phone to firmware version 1.1.3.

I tried to restore it with itunes but the process never ends, so i unpluged my iphone and i found that it was in the recovery mode (you know the symbol with the cable and itunes logo) ... then i try to restore to the firmware 1.1.3 but it says that an Unknown error occured (1).

So, i am really stucked with this.

Can anyone help me?