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Thread: {Tweak} iconOmatic [beta]

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    Default {Tweak} iconOmatic
    Me and Anthony Cornell (AKA FreeApple AKA TER4M) would like to introduce our newest tweak iconOmatic.

    As many of you know with iOS7 came a lot of changes with the way that Apple renders its icons. Well with the new way Apple is rendering its icons on the device, they have done away with the shadow file and only use a mask. In essence what this means is because there is no shadow file that renders under the mask, themers are not able to add icon effects (such as shine, shading, and icon frames). The only thing you can do is mask the shape of the icon.

    In addition they also removed the 2nd springboard shadow file (that was in that allowed themers to make custom shadows for the icons to give them that pop off the wallpaper.

    Well with iconOmatic we are bringing style back to your icons. And this also allows all of your icons to auto theme. So even if you have a cydia app or App Store app that doesn’t have a new custom icon with the theme your using it will
    now auto theme using iconOmatic.


    For instructions on how this tweak works, and how to use/make themes for use with iconOmatic, please use the following link

    Untitled Document

    You can also find this link inside the preferences for iconOmaitic in the "Documents" section.

    Head over to cydia to install your copy today!!

    I would also like to say that all coding and hard work was done by Anthony Cornell. Myself (Rick AKA Subywrex) only helped by annoying Anthony with ideas. Lol

    In the preferences there is a donation link, any donations are appreciated but not expected.

    A HUGE thanks to MamaJaay for always taking care of us and becoming our repo manager. As most of you know her, it goes with out saying she is one of the best people out in the community, and always willing to help! So again thank you MJ!!

    Another huge thank you to Decke for making the icon for this tweak and also allowing us to use his overlay made for Acies (available in cydia now!!) as one of the iconOmatic themes that come with the tweak!
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