We just released and are looking for some critique, for those of you interested in reviewing the app we have a beta plaform on testflight as well as an array of promocodes.

Let us know about any feedback you have, we are listening!

You can get it at the iTunes appstore.

A.Todo is your intelligent personal secretary with one goal, helping you manage your day.
Entrust A.Todo with your projects, use the sleek intuitive menu to organize your tasks and projects. Make use of the smart overview, tags and stickers to boost your productivity!

More info: A.Todo's homepage
Support: uservoice feedback page
Contact: [email protected]

Key benefits

■ Stay organized - Whatever your organizing strategy is, A.Todo has you covered with its arsenal of tags, stickers, project and task management and its comprehensive search function.
■ Smooth and beautiful - Smart AND good looking, this secretary is smooth as butter as well as amazingly productive!
■ Optimum and minimalistic workflow - A.Todo sports a professional interface that has been streamlined for optimum workflow, and a minimalistic design that is clean and intuitive.
■ Complies with GTD standards - If you are switching from another GTD app, you’ll have no learning curve whatsoever because A.Todo adheres to the standards.
■ Application suite - The A. stands for Able application suite, stay tuned for more Able products coming soon..
■ Multi-platform - Into other phones? Check out their appstores too (iOS/Android).
■ Secure and synced - Login with your Google account and keep track of your items both offline and online, your data is securely backed-up on Google’s servers.
■ Multilingual - A.Todo speaks English and Spanish, more coming soon!