Spice your romance with a sprinkling of Loveflakes! Yum!

Experience your precious photos in a fantastic new way - watch them float inside rising paper hearts. Surprise your girl with overwhelming cuteness. Or see your guy blush. Turn on the music and enjoy those memories with your significant other. And finally, share all that sweetness on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

- Animated Love Collage
Love grows, changes and transforms. It flows like a tide of hearts, a wave of romantic memories. Have fun, relax and lay back, while watching your photos rise. If snowflakes are the falling cold, Loveflakes are the rising warmth. Please enjoy!

-Musical Charm
Play some background music and round out the moment. Pick your own song from your library and complete the experience with it.

-Export Options
Enjoy a range of export options. You can save each event as an image to Photo Album or Camera Roll. Or, if you want to share a physical copy, print it to paper using AirPrint. You can also copy and paste the image to compatible apps.

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