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Thread: Override --substrate control

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    Default Override --substrate control
    Hello everybody! I figure I could post this here, as some people might find a use for it.
    This app is used to control substrates (tweaks). Probably for more advanced users, or those who like having tweaks sometimes, but hate needing to install/uninstall when they want them and then don't want to use them.

    You will need to know what substrates depend on other substrates though, otherwise it could cause issues on your device, which I cannot and will not be held responsible for.

    This features more advanced control over substrates than SBSettings does, as well as safety features.
    It has a substrate count feature, to give an exact count of how many substrates you have installed.
    You can toggle the detection of if a substrate has been upgraded or removed in the options (still in beta for detecting removal), and it will alert you asking if you would like to clean up the substrate. (so you don't have two of the same tweak, or a tweak that was removed.).
    There is also a section for always enabled substrates, and an option to alert you if you try and disable a substrate set to always be enabled. (you can turn both features off entirely by a toggle under Options)
    On removal of this program, all substrates will be enabled, as a precaution.

    install this from the repo at the bottom of this post
    Open the app, allow root access both times it asks. It may crash the first time, simply reopen it.
    (if on iOS6, you need to open the app for the first time, wait a couple seconds, close the app, allow root access, then reopen it. This is a bug with Ch40s-Utilities which I am looking into).

    To enable a substrate, turn the switch to "On" for that toggle.
    To disable a substrate, turn the switch to "Off" for that toggle.

    before uninstalling any substrate, make sure to enable it using the app!.

    Known bugs
    When upgrading, every substrate will be enabled.

    Currently this is the full version of this app, just because I can, and I am nice like that. If I ever submit it to modmyi and they actually accept it, I will revert this to a trial version open on the weekends.


    I hope this is within the rules of posting if not, I will correct it as needed
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