MyRealFont is a cool application that allows you essentially to write in your own hand writing. It allows you to draw your own font to all letters of the Latin Alphabet (a-z, A-Z, 1-9 and symbols) and save the font under a preset name. You can then use your font to send Emails, attach it to a picture and create a postcard, or select a custom background and send it as a memo or a virtual letter. Its a very personalised method of signing off an email, and has an intimate effect. One can input their fonts via finger, or via stylus.

* Design each letter and number by finger writing.
* Save your personal font by name.
* Send your font as TTF and install it on your computer
* Upload to Facebook
* Unlimited space for creating fonts
* Fonts can be edited after completion.
* Choose a saved font to write your letter
* Write emails by using the standard iPhone keyboard.
* Choose from many cool backgrounds for your letters
* Add stickers to the letters
* Use your camera or your photo gallery to create postcards and write over the photo.
* Change size and color of your font
* Place your text box as you wish on the letter. you can place it diagonally or horizontally.
* Includes one default font to start up writing immediately.

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Personal Take:

I personally loved this app. Though the App itself leaves much to be desired as far as its own look and feel are concerned, its functionality is what wins you over in this case: the ability to input your own font and use it in various ways to personalise an email or create a post card or even a font for your own PC. I recommend this App to all users who enjoy calligraphy, writing, personalising emails and photographs, artistic and creative types, and the list goes on. You will not be disappointed with this App.

Here's a brief "How To":

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Available on the AppStore for 0.99$
Rating: 3.5 Stars.