Challenge your friends in creating the best doner kebabs!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own Greek fast food restaurant and serve people from all over the world? This is your chance! iSouvlaki is the tastiest video game ever designed for iPhone!

Hear the verbal orders of your customers, prepare them correctly and fast, and make your restaurant famous!

In iSouvlaki the player runs his own Greek fast food restaurant and tries to prepare verbal orders from customers all over the world by adding the correct ingredients in order to make the Greek sandwiches as asked.

The fast food restaurant offers Greek sandwiches, or as we call them here in Greece "Gyros" or "Souvlaki" or "Pita". A Greek sandwich may contain pita or bread, souvlaki, gyros or soutzoukaki, tomato, onions, ketchup, mustard, potatoes and tzatziki.

The player should hear the orders carefully and prepare the sandwiches correcty. In addition the whole process should be short in time to satisfy the customers but don't forget to renew your food supplies and cut gyros!

Greek restaurant environment with traditional music
2 game languages, Greek and English
Verbal orders with 24 different voice characters
Over 200 orders
3 game modes (Scenario, Quick Game, 1vs1)
3 difficulty levels
Online scoreboards
Game Center support

User's guide
The built-in user's guide provides a complete tutorial on learn how to play
iSouvlaki website provides an extended user's guide (iSouvlaki Home)

Support and news
Support through the iSouvlaki website (iSouvlaki Home)
Support e-mail: [email protected]