Let's play the battle game of music trivia quiz with tunes on your iPhone and iPad!

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Players answer a variety of questions, such as music intro quiz
and trivia quiz asked for the name of albums or artists.
For example,
"Which of the following is NOT included on this album?"
"How many songs does this album contain?".
You can choose 2 to 4 player battle mode and 1 player mode.
Enjoy it with friends who likes same kinds of music!


There are 4 type of music quiz!

-Fastest Finger First
10 Intro & Outro questions appear one after another. The first player to push the buzzer can auswer the question. If you get a question wrong, you lose a turn.

-Memory Quiz
In turn each player chooses two cards and listens to it. If they are of the same music, that player answers song title. You can't win the pair if you don't know the song title.

-Panel Quiz
In turn each player opens a question panel divided into 10 to 50 points according to difficulty, then answers a qustion.
There are 4 type of questions, "Intro","Speed","Triva" and "Listening".

-Endless Quiz Mode
Single player mode. Questions appear untill the player gets a question wrong. Get a high score!