Hi Everyone!

Our latest puzzle game “JellyMon” is out on App Store now for your iPhone and iPad devices.

iTunes link: Apple Store Page (just $0.99!!!)

Game Overview:

An alien ship has crashed right in front of you. A weird cute, adorable alien kid is out of the ship with few locked boxes. To save the kid you need to unlock the boxes by entering solving the puzzles.

Jelly Mon is a brain-teasing pattern-based puzzle game complete with vibrant graphics, intuitive controls and outstanding soundtracks. The underlying gameplay is matchstick puzzle with dynamic hints and solution check feature, never before seen on any similar game. To be successful you need to use creative thinking and your visualization power.

So if you can think out of box, then this game will have you hooked from the first time you meet Jelly Mon!

Promo Code is available upon request!

Gameplay trailer:

Feature Highlights:

* Fast, fun, and challenging game
* Earn points, stars, and presents for correctly solving puzzles
* Post scores to Apple's Game Center Leaderboard, Twitter, and Facebook
* 76 challenging levels
* 6 unique level themes
* HD graphics feature with cute animated alien character
* Whimsical sounds and music may be muted for silent game play
* Advanced matchstick puzzle game finally comes to iOS mobile devices
* Universal app, meaning you buy one copy and can run same copy on both iPhone and iPad.

Game Screenshots:

Visit product and support page here:
Jelly Mon | An game by Ideas Framed for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 | Dhaka | Bangladesh