My Fun learning activities provides an innovative approach for kids to learn and have fun. The aim is to to make learning a fun and creative process which will boost their knowledge by engaging them with constant interaction. Interactive modules it would strengthen the little brains by getting them to write, find words, color book and arrange different appropriate props within a scenario. The application is enhanced with attractive graphics and sound.

The App contains the following modules :
Kids can practice writing the alphabets with picturesque image using pencil and edit using eraser. Practicing alphabets with this module is never a boring task
Kids can drag and drop the stickers to match into the right positions and form the image. Arrange module in the Application judgment of selecting and placing stickers in right position nourish the children minds on the right track
Find the word:
This a puzzle activity, where kids need to form the 4 letters correct word for the image specified from the jumbled letters. Find the right word in any direction, it is random, challenging and a lot of fun
Coloring Book:
Coloring always attracts kids !! , using different colors kids can fill colors into the image and change colors accordingly to their wish by wiping off the color using the brush. Coloring will get the minds work on creative path and different colors it would never make coloring a monotonous task

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