Fubbles and Fubbles-Lite now available at the App Store!

Fubbles is a game in which you have to move a bubble around the screen and reach the goal safely before
time runs out. You'll need to figure out which fans and pipes to use in order to complete each round and
successfully avoid obstacles. The full-version contains 20 levels, while the lite-version has 5.

Here are the basic rules:
- You have 15 seconds to reach the goal
- You may use up to 3 fans at a time
- You may adjust the height of the fans by moving them up and down (or side-to-side for horizontal fans)
- The bubble will pop (and you will lose) if it bangs into an object
- The bubble can get pulled and pushed in and out of pipes if it gets close enough to them
- The bubble can hitch a ride on a platform, if the platform is moving

App Store - Fubbles
App Store - Fubbles Lite